Budget Trip To London

London is known to be one of the most expensive of all cities in the world. It is, in fact, besides being one of the most popular of all tourist destinations, labelled as one of the costliest cities to live in. However, even then, the charm of the English capital does not diminish in any way and it remains the dream holiday destination for many. It is possible, with some proper planning, to actually enjoy a holiday in London well within the budget. Here are a few tips which will help you enjoy a tour of London while staying well within your budget –

Check Exchange Rates –

A foreign tour means conversion of currencies. Most often you are at a situation where in the currency you wish to convert your currency to will cost more. In case of changing to GBP this is going to be the case. So, make the smarter move and check the trend in the currency exchange rate to ensure which will be the best time to get your currency exchanged. It is also best to get this done before travelling since exchanging after reaching London can turn out to be much costly affair and also you will be in a desperate situation. Do not get into the trap of using cards. Most often there will be added charges, and even if it is not present, having cash in hand and being able to see how much is left acts as a natural budgeter.

Plan –

Planning is highly important. In case of a foreign tour a proper planning can save loads of money. Ensure you have the trip route planned out to include the places that genuinely interest you. Select an accommodation based on the route so that you remain within proximity of these attractions and yet do not overshoot your budget. Places like Montcalm London Suites are quite perfect for travellers; however, waiting for the discount season or using the official website to book and grab some extra discounts will also be a great idea.

Keep An Eye Out For Deals –

Deals are available at almost all places. There are many attractions within London which requires the person to get tickets. Even on these tickets, there are special discounts and free offers available. You will simply have to check out all the options to ensure that you do not miss out on these opportunities.

Free Tours –

Not all attractions within London come with a price tag for entrance. There are many places, especially the ones owned by the government, which do not need any ticket to enjoy and are free for all. Keep these on your itinerary. They are wonderful places as well.

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