Canary Wharf and Greenwich a different flavour of London

London is a city with vibrant colours, a city which means so much to the artists and historians, a city that speaks plenty with its silent mammoth stone edifices and this is the city where serenity resides near the river Thames. These are some of the various arenas this city of London is known by its inmates and the tourists, but there is another part of this city which is completely different from the rest. The Canary Wharf is a modernised and highly techno centric area which is supposedly a part of the city, little known to people who are deeply rooted to the cultural heritage of this city. It is also known as the financial hub and one of the hubs of the contemporary art located in the West India docks on the Isle, the site draws a contrast when you see the remains of the older aged buildings that speak about the London Heritage and the newly constructed skyscrapers which have been built to accommodate the few offices and other business community, this whole place gives you an interesting outlook.

Canary Wharf is a complete change of place though smaller in area than the London there is a mix of old infrastructure with newly designed industrial buildings. The place has a lot to offer to the shoppers from the high end label to the fashion boutiques owned by the locals and designer houses. The fashion is not just restricted to the beauty and ramps it spans from fitness to home wear for every age group starting from kids to the adults. The place has some very beautiful, chic shopping malls that houses 120 stores from different shopping labels. You can find anything under the sun starting from spectacles to the dresses and gowns. There are many offers and promotions available for these brands for the shopaholics.

There are umpteen restaurants and eating joints for the people visiting the Canary Wharf, in case you feel like relaxing and drop by at a pub to enjoy a drink with your friends or opt for a brunch at the weekend times you will not be disappointed. People working there in the offices are often seen hitting the place for after the work hours for a drink. There are places that offer you fine dining restaurants serving some of the world class delicacies, there you could also try the finest  whiskies  which listening to the live music bands. My friends who had been staying at The Montcalm at the Brewery London City area were really excited to try out some of the most unusual places which hosted variety of cuisines from over the world.

They also have a place to showcase the latest flicks called the Everyman Canary Wharf which is situated in the Crossrail Place, they have three screens and a large capacity with stylish bar for those who believe in living in style. The place is known for outstanding seating, delicious food and an overrated customer service experience for few of my known people who were putting up at the accommodation Near Brewery Road London City had a lot to share about the experiential service meted out to them by the staff and the organisers, while they visited an exclusive event that was hosted in the area.

The walk through the Canary wharf leads to Greenwich one of the  textbook words by hearted by each and every one of us one can reach the place by boarding the docklands railway it should not take more than a couple of minutes to reach the destination. The most interesting thing someone can spot while getting down at the Greenwich area is the clipper from Scotland called the Cutty Sark this has been turned into a museum and is labelled as the historic part of the National Fleet, something a part  of the  heritage that they must have collected.

The place has to offer a lot as there are eating joints and places to hang around which happens to be next to the Greenwich Market area. There are some mouth-watering dishes, the fajitas are an instant hit not only with the locals but also the tourist band you can have French fries with some plump looking burgers with cheese and nice dressing, the staff serving there are friendly and can suggest some really economical meals to save you from overspending. This place is undoubtedly one of the best to drop by for a plate of dinner. The taste of delicious fries dipped in cheese and burgers coming rushing to my memory and that is the best I can do to remember and give rave reviews. The market is a beautiful area with lovely shops flanking on the roads, something worthwhile to watch for, till walking ahead you are going to be at the naval college area, one of the priceless places for people to be there and explore the area. The area is more like a township old buildings painted in subtle Christian colours and a chapel as old as one can think of  with the ambience more serene than ever. The last not the least is the walk to the Greenwich Park where lies the Greenwich observatory that everybody has been talking about as there lies the famous line called the Greenwich mean line for all those years you just heard of today you see it come alive. The place is situated at the Black heath avenue with adults going ahead with pound 7 to be paid as the only fees for viewing the area. The place is open from ten in the morning till five in the evening and in the month of April it opens till six in the evening. The Christmas times the place stays closed for the visitors and travellers. In case there are plans to be around the autumn seasons please take a detour of these two beautiful places which might be a little out of way and also may not match up to the London culture but a new perspective may develop.

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