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Top Tips for Creating a Great Booking Experience

A customers experience with your hotel begins as soon as they click onto your website, after all, it is very rare that a face to face booking occurs nowadays. First impressions are important, the first five seconds tells a customer

Speaking The Hotel Lingo

Whether you’re just starting out in the hotel game or whether you’re a guest who has a keen interest in knowing the ins and outs of the hospitality game, knowing the correct terminology is key. In the hospitality sector, there

Tips To Make Guests Long Term Customers

While it is necessary for hotels to spend substantial time on attracting new customers, it is equally important for them to retain the existing database of guests that they have. All business owners are aware that acquiring new customers is

Factors That Influence A Hotel Booking Engine’s Cost

If you already have not, eventually like other hotel owners you will need to invest in an online booking engine for your business. They help to make booking more organised and easy and are a centralised system that offers global

Planning a London Break: Right from the scratch

Are you planning to make your upcoming visit to the city of London to be an interesting affair? You would definitely adore the idea of brushing your eyes through the final draft of your itinerary properly in order to ensure