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8 Pendant Necklaces Every Girl Should Own

8 Pendant Necklaces Every Girl Should Own

Of all the pieces of jewellery a woman can possess, there is nothing more reliable than a classic pendant. But wait – pendants come in so many different variations, how can you choose? Should you choose an urban pendant necklace

7 Ways to Wear Layered Necklace Like A Pro

7 Ways to Wear Layered Necklace Like A Pro (1)

Can’t decide between that brand new rose gold pendant necklace you were gifted, or that necklace with a jewel which always brings you luck? Well, why not layer up your necklaces? Similarly to stacking rings, layered necklaces are a unique

Best Women’s Designer Jewellery Online at Jewel Tree

Summer is just around the corner, and the best jewellery brands in town have pulled out all the stops! Did you know that you can shop online at the Jewel Tree London? That makes claiming some of the best women’s

6 Of The Best Sterling Silver Rings For Women

  If there’s one piece of jewellery that all women can rely on, that surely must be a go-to silver sterling ring. As much as we adore gold, we know that many women prefer silver during the day. We’ve scoured

7 ways to style drop earrings

As all London jewellery brands will tell you, there is no piece of jewellery quite so diverse as the drop earring. Drop earrings may rest just below the lobe, or they may skim your collarbone. On the one hand, they

A Quick Guide on Buying Onyx Jewellery

Buying Onyx Jewellery

If you’re in the market for some new jewellery to update your look, onyx is both a versatile and stylish choice. What’s more, it treads the line between being both special and affordable! But how much do you know about

A Definitive Guide on How to Buy Gold Jewellery

Guide on How to Buy Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is timeless, versatile and elegant. But sourcing the perfect piece of gold jewellery can have its challenges, especially if you’re not well-versed on the specifics of this precious metal. To help you find your feet (and your gold)