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Spotlight on Frieze Sculpture 2017 in Regent’s Park

A selection of modern and contemporary works opened on 5 July and will remain on view through 8 October, running alongside the Frieze Art Fairs at Regent’s Park’s English Gardens. This stunning outdoor exhibition is free and it features works

Exciting New Exhibitions in London in 2017

The start of a new year is always exciting as it brings a change of season and a change of scenery when it comes to new exhibitions and galleries arriving in the city.  London is home to some world-class museums

London West End contemporary art galleries

The West End of London is actually in Central London. One of the busiest venues in London, home to some of the most fabulous places –  to see and click, to get entertained, to get a drink or two and

10 mostly visited art galleries in London

Do you have any plans to check out the brilliant sightseeing attractions in and around the world? The world is full of glorious opportunities which are worth spending your money on. If you think that you have saved enough for

The Magic of Street Art in London

London is a strange amalgamation of art, culture and modernism. So, when you are visiting London, you will never miss a chance to explore this juxtaposition when you are walking down the street or visiting the galleries and museums. It

An Art ful Way Of Seeing London

When one already knows that London is said to be an intense melting pot of cultural activity and cultures, in general, it usually does not take long for one to realise what the city has to offer in the connotation