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Tea, in a nutshell-sized teacup

We Brits are known for our love of tea. We love a brew and look forward to a natter over a cuppa. In the workplace, the tea round is part of the etiquette. “I’d love a cuppa if you’re making

Worth-Visiting London Markets

Besides all its other attributes, especially the large number of supermarkets, luxury stores and boutique shops, London has not forgotten its roots as regards markets as you can find a wide variety of them, from farmers’ markets to markets selling

Foods that does the trick in East London

When we talk of east of London immediately in the mind’s eye we have the Hackney area that comes to our remembrance, then as we go on thinking about the eastern part of the city we have the Shoreditch as

Delicious desserts of London

The latest London dessert horizon has spread over like wildfires. With freakshakes to the new waffle uproar, the London dessert’s success is roaring loud. The boring old stuff of candies, caramels, chocolate lavas, ice creams has now gone into the

The best ice-cream joints in and around Islington

London is a great city to visit no matter what the season. The city si home to an amazing variety of attractions both modern and medieval that make it one of the most visited cities in the world. Every year

Grab Some Quick Bites at Around Victoria Station London

London Victoria station is generally referred as Victoria which is a Central London railway terminus named after the Victoria Street which is located nearby. The capital city of London is said to be well connected via public transport and underground

West London’s best cafes and tea houses

The west London part of the city is a niche for those who believe in culture, some good time spent talking over the beautiful things of life and time well spent to catch up at a posh restaurant. In case

Enjoying Afternoon Tea In London With Kids

If you are traveling to London with your kids then, this city has a whole lot activities stacked up for them. And to top the list, it has a number of places where you can enjoy afternoon tea with your

Places to eat while in London

When you visit a place and choose to stay there for some time, a lot of issues tend to occur which are required to be handled with great care one of the major issues that can make one feel extremely

Options for Getting the Best German Food and Drink in London

London is indeed a cosmopolitan city with people from all over the world making it their home. Not to be left behind, the German population in the city now stands at 55,000 whereas in 1800, it was only 6,000. During