Generally whenever the name of London strikes in our mind then portrait appears in our imagination is like the city with pleasure full environment, Eventful streets and roads, with lots of historic monument and Beauty of River Thames. Very few peoples know that the London is itself a mysteries kind of place too. The reason is its importance in modern history and involvement of London actively in world politics since last 500 years. London has a lot of marks on it about that period which are kind of mysterious and equally interesting to visit too. All these are tourist destination now but for covering those places we need to look at London in a very different angle. Reaching there is not as simple as the hiring cab and visiting Buckingham Palace to know about them we need to scratch surfaces. In this article, our objective is to introduce some of the un-missable and less popular impactful sights of London.

Cabinet War Room
It is a historical underground complex inside the Churchill War Room Museum. The Cabinet War Room is used as a British Government command centre during the whole world war second period. Each and every move of the British army is penned down by Winston Churchill by sitting in this Room. The Room will abundant in 1945 after the surrender of the Japanese army. From then till yet nothing has changed in the room even sugar cube that are lying on the table is still there in the same position. Visitors can also observe war maps, color-coded telephones and the best part is the scratch on chairs made by hand during stressful meetings. After the successful conclusion of the war, the importance of room comes in front of every official and since then the War room is preserved by the Ministry of Works and later the Department for the Environment. In past, the room was opened for a limited number of public but now the place witnessed more than 300,000 visitors per year. Museum also won Council of Europe prize in 2006.

The caves are 35 km long series of the handmade tunnel and treated as a mysterious structure in England. Chislehurst Caves is located at Chislehurst, in the south eastern suburbs of London. Now they are the tourist attraction but during First World War used as an ammunition depot. At the second world war when air strike starts on the city the caves were used as an air raid shelter. Mystery start deepens about the tunnel in 1903 when the British Archaeological Association, gives a theory that the mines were made by the Druids, Romans and Saxons. They are said to be more than 8000 years old and is kind of unexpected thing for the peoples living in Britain’s capital. Next big strange thing about them is the whole tunnel is created as a result of flint and chalk mining. The place is also termed as a Chalk Pit and marks an “engine house” and two remaining kilns. Everything is so simplified that you don’t need any Underground Guide. Visiting this place will give you completely different experience as compare to other attractions of London.

London Tombs at the London Bridge Experience
It is the most haunting bridge of the world; here you will be taken to the time of Romans, Vikings and Victorians. After that, you can see Queen Boudicca defeat the Romans in battle and the great fire of London erupt just before you. You will be also briefed about the history of all bridges built in London. If we go back in time then the bridge attraction opened in 2008 but before that in 2007 BBC reported that the collection of skeletons unearthed in the basement had scared builders so much that they demand for proper assistance inside the working place. The London Bridge experience has a sister attraction, London Tomb, which is included in your admission price. The Tomb is a scare attraction and built from remains of a former plague pit in a Hollywood horror style. Anybody can visit the place except the children below 11 years and those lies in between 11 and 14 years needs the guardian to experience the Tomb of The London Bridge experience. The London Tombs has also won the Screamie Award for being The UK’s Best Year Round Scare Attraction for the consecutive five years from 2009 to 20013.

London Underground is the world oldest Metro train system and has a history of more than 150 years. Spending 2 hours in knowing the London Underground is a worth as after completing your tour your respect towards tube system will rise. This tour includes historical steam engines that were initially used with the change in the field of transportation as per the time as you can also take it as a change in transportation worldwide. The biggest attraction of  tour is the ghost station at British Museum and the secret behind the original hand-dug tunnel. With the tour you can also solved the mystery- Why Big Ben tilts two centimeters towards the North west – now that’s got you wondering! Those who are accommodating in Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotels can start their tour from nearest tube station.

The tunnel is also termed as the Thames tunnel because it is an underwater tunnel built underneath The River Thames. The tunnel is measures as 35 feet wide, 20 feet high and is 1,300 feet long designed by using tunnelling shield technology of Marc Isambard Brunel’s and Thomas Cochrane’s and made by Brunel and his son Isambard Brunel in 1903. The tunnel is loosely counted as a world’s first underwater tunnel. The original motive behind this tunnel is to pass peoples and horses under the River Thames without disturbing traffic, but the tunnel was never used for that purpose. Once the Tunnel is named as the eighth wonder of the world and reopened in 2010 as a part of London over ground. The secret chamber inside the tunnel is biggest attraction of it.

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