Celebrate New Year This Time at Newcastle in Style

Newcastle is a fascinating city in the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear in the northeastern part of England. Located on the north western bank of the River Tyne, this is a fascinating region filled with vibrant activity during New Year. A member of the English Core Cities group it was also a part of the Northumberland County till the 14th century. The city grew up in the area then called the Pons Aelius. In fact it has been named after the castle of the same name in the year 1080.  A major centre for the wool trade it then also was recognized as a coal mining area. This port then developed sometime in the 16th century and then leads the largest ship building and the repairing centres. Geordie is the regional dialect and the nickname for the people here. While celebrating New Year, people love to come here and enjoy the fine wine and dine facilities that are so much a part of the entire experience. Visit the common hotels and luxury motels here and take back with you a wonderful combination of ecstasy, adventure and travel experiences.

Hotels to Opt For In New Year in Newcastle

There are many hotels to opt for while you are here during New Year, but amongst the best London restaurants, the Grand Royale London is a worthwhile place to be in. Located in the London Paddington area, this is very near the Whitley’s Shopping Centre. The magnificent Kensington Gardens are found near this and so your travel experiences would be double fold. Add to this, the fact that the Royal Albert Hall is also located nearby and you have a perfect combination of pleasure and leisure. Grand Royale London Hyde Park gives you all the facilities of a four star inn and gives you complimentary amenities too. A bar and lounge facility along with continuous internet access along with a 24 hour room service makes it a convenient accommodation for all who visit this part of London. Amenities like flat screen televisions and satellite channels as also guestroom conveniences make it all the more luxurious to stay here.

Why The Royal Grande London Is Feasible

The hotel also has other features like a coffee and tea maker, a private bathroom, ironing boards, hair dryer, an in room safe along with a satellite TV service, a Flat Panel TV and regular delicious English breakfasts. Payment is very user friendly and you may pay by debit or credit card. These cards that you use to book in advance purchase rate should be shown when you check in in. If there are guests who are going to pay for other guests, then they should contact the hotel in advance. There are facilities for climate control as well as air conditioning along with pick up and drop facility at the airport. The hotel comes with a 24 hour front desk along with at least 189 rooms. There are 9 floors and breakfast is available here at a surcharge. The lobby has complimentary newspapers and there is a facility for elevator and lift always.

Other Hotels to Try in London

There are many other hotels in London which are worth a try. The Broad Chare for example is a lovely Newcastle hotel for New Year. You have a Tuesday special here of Braised Oxtail which is really magnificent. The changing boards always have some good dish or the other. The bar serves good ale and the snacks are equally delicious. Then you have Café 21 which is another lovely hotel to be in with good ambience and a sumptuous meal experience. The service is friendly and warm and makes you feel at home. Visit the COOP Chicken House and take back with you pleasures of a wonderful hotel experience in New Year. The choice of drinks is good and the staff equally welcoming. The entire experience is subtle, elegant but enjoyable. There is Comfort Food in Newcastle which gives you the clubbing experience. They provide you with a pre clubbing meal and give you everything that is required. The experience is comforting and formal providing you with the right kind of attitude towards celebrating New Year. Blackfriars Restaurant is another interesting place to be in. The building is very historic and you feel delighted to be in it. The tables are very comfortable and well positioned and provide you with real value for money. Add to this, stuff like the monkfish starter and the linguine and salmon and you are sure to have a very sumptuous meal experience.

What to Do In New year in Newcastle

Newcastle provides you a great combination of modern practices and age old traditions. It has a certain warmth to it that is unmistakable. Then of course you also have the comforts and luxuries of the various hotels here and you are sure to come back with a satisfying travel experience. The simple joys of living here during New year is to experience the feeling of being one of them on the streets and then take with you the elegance and royal touch of the stylish hotels here. This contrast of emotions is what makes New Year very special in this place. Add to this, the other hotels like Duke of Wellington Inn, Silk Room Restaurant and many more, and you would be one of those who tour this area and enjoy the pleasures of a better land. Weekends are a sight here with the lovely chatter and banter of the visitors and then menus cater to the requirement of the guests. Everyone who comes here loves to party hard and with Newcastle offering it up with a whole lot of events, the New Year is sure going to be a worthwhile and memorable experience for all.

Newcastle with its innumerable events and hotels is a perfect destination for all who wish to have a blast during New Year.

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