Cheap Places to Eat in London

London may have a reputation of being an expensive city but it is possible to stay here as a tourist for a few days or stay permanently as a resident without burning a hole in the pocket as long as you know where to get affordable accommodation, food etc. While there are many cheap hotels in the city where you can stay with a lean budget, there are also many places where you can get affordable, delicious food. Some of these are being enumerated below:

Franco Manca Offers Sourdough Pizza: Located at several places in the city including its original Brixton venue, Chiswick, Tottenham Court Road, Balham, and Southfields, this place offers pizzas with the best sourdough crust starting at £4.50

Beigel Bake Offers a Salt Beef Bagel: Located at Brick Lane, it offers a salt beef bagel with mustard and dill pickle at a cost of £3.50.

Sticky Beaks Offers a Slow-Roast Lamb Sandwich: The slow-roast lamb sarnie is available at various food markets around London for £6.

Bread Ahead Offers Doughnuts: Located in Borough Market, this bakery offers doughnuts that are massive and jam-packed with flavours for £2.50 each.

Bao Bar Offers Bao: Located at Netil Market, this place offers delicious buns for £3.50 each.

The Rib Man Offers Rib Meat Rolls: Often found at Brick Lane and West ham, this joint offers amazing portion of pork rib meat resembling the size of a human head in a bap for about £6.50.

Cafe Helen Offers Shawarma: Located at Edgware Road, this joint offers the best shawarma in London at a cost of £4.

Tokyo Diner Offers Delicious Special Lunches: Located at Chinatown, Tokyo Diner offers both meat/veggie lunches that generally include rice/noodles miso soup and a side dish. Authentic Japanese cuisine is offered and all employees are Japanese with many of them having worked there for many years. They display extreme professionalism and understanding of their work and as a result, the food is always superb and of top quality. The prices are also reasonable being just £6.50-£11.50 and during their quietest hours from 3pm to 6pm, they are a pound cheaper.

Hache Offers Burgers: Located at several places in the city such as Camden, Chelsea, Clapham, Shoreditch and Balham, this joint’s speciality is its Sunday Roast burger costing £9.95 which is an ideal Sunday hangover food. You can also choose to have Beefburger soaked in jus with dauphinoise potato, crispy parsnip, and carrot sandwiched between two Yorkshire puddings. The prices start from £7.50.

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Mien Tay Offers Rare Beef Pho: Located at Shoreditch and Battersea, this place offers the best pho in London. You can start with salt and pepper prawns but the pho is so delicious that you will keep coming back week after week. The prices start from £7.50.

Sagar Offers Special Lunch: Located at Hammersmith, Covent Garden and Tottenham Court Road, Sagar offers delicious South Indian vegetarian food consisting of poppas, vegetable curry, pulau rice and dessert for less than £10.

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HomeSlice Offers Pizza Slices: You can get huge pizza slices at this place for £4 at its location at Covent Garden.

Bokit’La offers Chicken Bokits: Bokit’La is located at various markets around London and it offers chicken bokit preferably with spice number 3 or 4 depending on how spicy you want it, at a cost of £5. The joint can always be found every Sunday at Ally Pally Farmers’ Market.

Kim’s Vietnamese Hut Offers a Mixed Box: Located at Camden Market, this joint offers a mixed box for £5 that contains fried vegetables, Singapore noodles, breaded chicken breast and battered king prawns with plum sauce. It is amazing how they offer all this for that low price.

Slow Richie’s Offers Hog: Located at Tottenham Court Road, Slow Richie’s offers the best of pork costing just £6.50.

Monty’s Deli Offers Reuben Special: Located at Maltby Street Market, Monty’s deli offers a Reuben special at just £9.

Herman Ze German Offers Hot Dogs: Located at Charing Cross, Fitzrovia, and Soho this joint offers delicious Currywurst which is extremely good and tasty.

Lanzhou Noodle Bar Offers Stewed Beef Daoxiao Noodles: Located at Chinatown, this place offers delicious stewed beef daoxiao noodles at Noodle Bar on Cranbourn Street for £6.50.

Smack Deli Offers Lobster Rolls: This deli at Mayfair offers a lobster roll for £7.50 in the form of a slice of luxury. The Seven Samurai is especially recommended.

Pieninister Offers Mothership: Located at several places including Farringdon and the South Bank, it offers Pie (ideally chicken of aragon), mash, peas, gravy, and crispy onion bits just for £6.

Silk Road Offers Different Dishes: Located at Camberwell, Silk Road offers practically anything such as a Middle Plate Chicken that can feed 2-3 hungry stomachs for just £9. All the other offerings of the restaurant are also cheap but tasty.

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