Cities in England which you must visit while on a trip with family and friend

There are many cities in the United Kingdom including London, which are worth visiting. It is an obvious fact that London is touted as the best tourist destination in the UK and naturally so, as it is not only the capital city but also has a host of attraction. If London is popular for some of the most magnificent monuments, museums and exotic dining and shopping destinations, other cities in UK like visited for the monuments, museums, shopping and dining destinations, many other cities like  Brixton, Cambridge, Liverpool and Oxford can also be visited for the best country-side sights and natural scenic beauty. If you already had enough of the hustle and bustle of the city, these places can provide you with much needed calmness and serenity. You can also stay at these places as accommodation is available in the hotels. The lush green lawns and an atmosphere devoid of noise and commotion is what you get at these places.

•The tourists who like visit places like London and neighbouring cities can use rail services in England for easy commuting.
•The accommodation in the cities of England like Oxford and Liverpool is quite inexpensive.
•Just as London is home to many splendid monuments and places of tourists’ interest, other cities in England are popular too for their own reasons.
•If London has been on your itinerary several times, you can try other cities in England like Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.
•To get an authentic English feel, you must visit other cities of England as they have less population as compared to London.

Some of the cities in England worth visiting in England and their speciality
England offers many cities for the tourists which has the potential to hit the eclectic and discerning taste of the tourists. If the tourists love the monuments and the hustle and bustle around them, London is the perfect spot. There are many hotels that offer The Montcalm Luxury hotels, which can be availed and enjoy when you are travelling with your family. London is an obvious choice for you to visit, however, some of the cities discussed here are also worth the visit due to their speciality.

•London: London is one of the most preferred destination for tourists as the city offers many historical places, art museums, shopping & dining destinations and various such attractions. Being the capital of U.K, London is also a major commercial hub and hence attract business travellers as well. Among the places most preferred for accommodation, Kensington certainly tops as it is one of the most affluent and the central area of London. It is home to many tourist destinations like museums, gardens and commercial centres. Kensington High street, Portobello Road market, Victoria and Albert Museums, etc. Tourists often choose London as their vacation spot, because the city never fails to amuse you. If you wish to celebrate an occasion small or big, London is the just the place for you with many such hotels offering special celebration packages with added facilities.

•Birmingham: Birmingham lies in West Midlands and is a borough in England. Being the second most populous city in England, it is also considered as a major city in the country. Post the industrial revolution in England, this small market town became prominent. The city has taken many strides in streams of science and technology and is home to many institutions that are famous all over the world and attract students. Some of them which are quite popular are Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Birmingham Royal Ballet and many others. Some of the festivals are also very famous here, which are St. George’s Day and The Birmingham Tattoo. The tourists can even have fun enjoying the nightlife at Broad Street.

•Manchester: A city as well as a Metropolitan borough, Manchester is the third most important city in England. Manchester is also very popular for the Manchester United football club. The city is quite notable for the rich cultural heritage and tradition it reflects. After the 19th century, the city flourished as the textile industry grew here. The city is also known for Manchester arena, its architecture, music and sports.

•Liverpool: The city of Liverpool is situated near the Mersey Estuary in England. According to the history, it was earlier a part of Lancashire and showed tremendous growth owing to the presence of the port. The tourists can find the confluence of various architectures exhibited by the monuments and the structures in the city. There are many spots in the city which have been listed in the UNESCO world heritage site list. Three buildings are part of the list, which includes Cunard building, Port of Liverpool building and Royal Liver building. The city is also famous for the Liverpool Football club.

•Leeds: Leeds is another city in England which is situated in West Yorkshire. The city boasts of a rich culture and history. The tourists find the climate of the place quite nice and ideal for tourism. The tourists can visit attractions like Millenium Square, Leeds Cathedral and Leeds City Museum to name a few.

•Leicester: Leicester is situated in the East Midlands and is therefore quite close to the nature. It is on the banks of the Soar River, which is in close proximity to National Forests. There are several museums in the city which the tourists can visit and few of them are Newark houses Museum, Jewry Wall museum and a few others. Other places of interest which must not be missed are National Space centre, Cinema hall complex at Phoenix Square and Curve theatre.

•Nottingham: Nottingham is located in the East Midlands and part of the Nottingham city county. Popular for its tobacco industry, the city also has connections with the legendary Robin Hood. The attractions of the city include Alfred Waterhouse Building, Nottingham council and The Prudential building. For shopping enthusiasts, there are many market places  where they can indulge in shopping. To book your accommodation and know more about the hotels and the places, you can visit Themontcalm.com.

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