Classic Music In London

Travelling to London is a dream come true moment for many tourists and travellers. The amazing beauty and elegance of the city is something that makes it one of the top locations for travelling and vacations. There is something about the air and atmosphere of London City as it attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to come and witness the magnificent beauty of the city. London is certainly one of the most visited country by tourists and travellers. There is just so much to see and do around here that once you start, you might just run out of time but you won’t run out of adventures for sure.

If you are a first time visitor to the city of London, then you will surely have your hands full with interesting activities to take part in. London City is filled to the brim with amazing attractions. You could start by visiting some of the magnificent and historical building of London city. These landmarks adorn the streets of London with their presence and the elegance and architecture of these landmarks are excellent remainders of the glorious past of the city.

In the mood for some history and art? Then why not go to the amazing art galleries and museums of London. We’re sure that the artefacts and exhibitions there will be extremely knowledgeable for you. Also, for the theatre lovers, there’s the amazing theatre houses of London hosting the best award-winning plays and shows for people. The trendy bars and restaurants of London are an added charm the already beautiful city.

Also, London city is known as the shopper’s paradise. Decked with huge posh malls and charming market, London city provides the best of brands to its visitor. Come and visit the amazing city and your experience will certainly be wonderful.

But before you go around travelling and exploring the best sights and sounds of London, once of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is to settle for a suitable place of accommodation first. A good and lovely hotel with amazing facilities can really make you stay worthwhile and comfortable in London. Fortunately, such hotels are not very difficult to find in London. The hotels, located in different parts of the city combine their skills of world class service and amazing hospitality to create a wonderful living environment for their visitors. Especially the hotels near Lancaster Gate. These hotels are widely known among tourists and travellers for their excellent service. Located pretty close to the important tube stations, these hotels ensure that their visitors, do not miss the important attractions of London City.

In London, most hotels are found to be of 5-star quality. One such example of a luxury grand hotel is the Park Grand Lancaster Gate Hotel. One of the most popular ones in London, this hotel has gained the positive reviews and admiration of many previous satisfied customers. Decked with beautifully furnished rooms, hi-tech facilities such as complementary Wi-Fi and LCD TV, spas to provide refreshing massages and a restaurant and bar that offers an excellent atmosphere for fine dining, this hotel is an ideal option for someone who is looking for a comfortable and affordable stay in the City of London.

Some Classical Music Venues to Check Out
One might find it a bit hard to believe that London has some places that are the best for classical music since the identity of London’s culture is through theatre and literary marvel. However, there are some good places were music lovers can go to enjoy an amazing experience of listening to classical music.

Royal Albert Hall: One of the prime time concerts known as ‘The Proms’ happen in the Royal Albert Hall, a beautiful amphitheatre situated just beside the Kensington Gardens. Hosting the most popular classic music events in the 8-week program, this venue host the best classical music festivals of all time. With a capacity of over thousands of visitors, this amazing hall has tickets for everyone. Come and enjoy the beautiful music in one of the greatest music venues. This is an experience that you certainly won’t forget. You could also spend the evenings walking in the gardens of Hyde Park and Kensington Garden and enjoy the beautiful views too.

Wigmore Hall: In the mood for some classic music recitals, then why not visit this beautiful location known as the Wigmore Hall, situated just in the centre of West End. You could easily walk from the Claridge and reach the Wigmore Hall were some of the most beautiful examples of classical music are played. Designed by Thomas Collcutt, this beautiful location is what every music lovers wants to be in. get yourself some tickets today and enjoy the mesmerising Beethoven sonatas and other great works being played inside the walls of this grand musical palace.

St. John’s, Smith Square: One of the most visited places for classical chamber music is the St. John’s, Smith Square. Situated in a close distance to the Westminster, this amazing location is certainly an architectural beauty. One can’t help but marvel at the charming structure and thank the designer Thomas Archer for creating such as wonderful masterpiece. Bombed in 1941, this building remained a ruin for several years until the rebuilding of it in 1965-1969. Today this beautiful building is host to several music concerts that happen inside the walls to entertain people from all over the world.

Opera Holland Park: If you are ever in London then you must visit the 500-acre grand park just a little bit to the south of the Kensington Garden, which is the Opera Holland Park. Originally the property of Holland House, this amazing estate has seen its dark days of past after being bombed in 1940. This property remained a ruin and a centre for low-budget operas, till 1988 and now is one of the most popular destinations for classical music scenes. In partnership with City of London Sinfonia, this enclave is now in one of the top positions as London’s musical venues.

The music scene in London, though not very popular, is a very exciting and amazing experience one could have. So make sure to visit these top locations for a round of classical music.

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