Common Travel Hassles and Their Solutions

Travelling for business or for pleasure is a lot of fun as it gets you away from your usual stresses of life and you look forward to having a change of environment and a great time in a different city. However, true to Murphy’s Law that says If something can go wrong, it will, more often than not people face some problem or the other that takes away the fun of travel. You never know from where the problem will crop up but some of the most common ones are mentioned along with suggestions.:

What If I Miss a Flight Connection: It is quite common to miss a flight connection due to late arrival of the first flight. The best solution is to book your flights on one ticket in which case you would be looked after by the booking airline that will put you on an alternate flight. If you don’t do that, you will be left high and dry as neither airline will be obligated to help you necessitating the purchase of a new ticket for a subsequent connecting flight.

What if I am Billed for Damages to a Rented Car: You can be billed for damages if a rental company finds any damage to their car. It is therefore advisable to carefully check the car for any dings or dents before taking over and driving away with the car and taking a time-and-date-stamped picture of the same. Even at the time of drop-off you should check up for any dents. You should also make sure that there is proper insurance coverage in case there is any damage.

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What if a Company Does not Keep its Verbal Promises: If a travel-related company makes a verbal promise and does not keep it, whether for an upgrade, a change or for anything else, you can do nothing about it. The best advice is to get all promises and commitments in writing and keep the paper trail safely. It is important to have proper documentation to be able to take any action against erring companies.

What if I am a Victim of Reservation Errors: Reservation errors can sometimes send you off to London Ontario instead of London England. As such it would be best to check your booking carefully before buying online, especially if you are availing of a special deal with full cancellation penalties. Irrespective of whether you buy online, in person, or over the phone, you must carefully check your confirmation once you get it. Any mistake should immediately be pointed out to the company.

What if I am Stopped for Invalid Passport Information: Plenty of documentation issues can be used by Customs officials to stop you and as such you should check documentation requirements for the countries that you wish to visit and fix all errors beforehand.

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