Commonwealth Park Gibraltar

It was opened in June 2014 to provide a green area for public and a sustainable natural environment in the heart of Gibraltar. Commonwealth Park is the first public park built since Alameda that was opened in 1816.

The park is an important visual axis connecting the port with the city. Walk by stairs or take the elevator easy access to Main Street.

It is a major part of the programs of Gibraltar throughout the year since it has been established, such as:

  • Gibraltar World Music Festival, the “Afreeka” street party was located here.
  • On June 5, 2017, The World Environment Day Event was help here.
  • Cinema at The Park: from the 9th of August: every Tuesday and Sunday night for free. You can rent picnic rugs or bring your own and enjoy the movies under the stars. It starts at 10PM.
  • Do a picnic with your loved ones and enjoy the nature in the middle of the city

Top Things to Do near Commonwealth Park

  • Go to The Gibraltar Museum (0.1 km from Commonwealth Park)
  • Experience the fun & stress-free Diving at Dive Charters Gibraltar (0.2 km from Commonwealth Park)
  • Visit The King’s Chapel (0.2 km from Commonwealth Park)
  • Enjoy Gibraltar’s Inside Out Rock Tours (0.4 km from Commonwealth Park)
  • Rock Around the Rock Tours (0.3 km from Commonwealth Park)
  • Shop at Antonio Diamond Boutique (0.5 km from Commonwealth Park)

In every aspect it gives a unique experience and lets you relax during your trip. Enjoy the ornamental planting beds, sit into the shade of one of the 143 trees, walk barefoot in the grass, or just watch the artificial lake from the bridge – peace is guaranteed.

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Gibraltar Commonwealth Park, British Overseas Territory

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