Cool off at Outdoor Pools in London During Summer

When the winter subsides in London giving way to spring and ultimately to summer, residents, who had to stay indoors apart from going to work or for essential shopping, seem to get a liberated feel and seek outdoor fun in order to get as much sun as possible. Gradually, when the heat picks up, they look for ways to cool themselves. London offers many pools in the city where people can just soak themselves with cool water and have great fun. If you are interested in knowing what’s on in London this summer, you can find some information here.

King’s Cross Pond Club

This newly opened fresh water public swimming pool at Canal Reach is a new swimming pool that is opening for a two year period. It is the first ever such manmade freshwater public bathing pond in the UK that is following the trend of other pools that have been opened recently. The area where it has been opened is behind Kings Cross station which is one of the busiest stations in London and has had a bad reputation of being a notorious area for crime and prostitution. However, with the opening of the public pool, it has had a metamorphosis and now features high-end restaurants, a prestigious art school and new office blocks.

The renovation of the area is still in progress and is likely to be completed by 2021. Although the place still gives the feel of being a gloomy industrial area because of the presence of cranes that can be seen towering over the piazzas on the banks of the Grand Union Canal but that will change because of the pool being set up.

Unlike other freshwater swimming pools on Hampstead Heath and in the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park, the Kings Cross pool is lined and has a natural filtering system that eliminates the need of chlorine treatment for cleaning the water. The filtration system has a reed bed at one end and dedicated regeneration area that swimmers cannot access. However, there is still enough space for swimming. The pond’s dimensions are 10 metres width and 40 metres length and its special design ensures that paddling can be done in random directions rather than in straight lines. The water in the pool is at 13 Celsius (55F) and its position on a raised section of new parkland ensures that swimmers can have a great view of Kings Cross around them, once they have climbed in. Visitors to London can also easily enjoy these outdoor ponds and reach them conveniently if they stay at hotels in West End London.

Kings Cross Pond Club is like an oasis of nature in the midst of the hustle and bustle of London and provides a welcome escape from the hectic city life. The surroundings may be quite disturbing with the clang of hammers and the shouting of workmen, but once you are in the pool, you can have an utterly joyous time. The location of the pond is ideal as the nearest tube station is just a five-minute walk away and Camley Street Nature Park that also offers nature’s retreat is also close by. Londoners can get the feel of being in the lap of nature in no time after leaving their busy urban schedule. It presents an interesting mix of nature in an urban environment. However, there are restrictions on the number of people bathing in it per day according to what the plants at the pond can cope up with on a daily basis. With the opening of the Kings Cross Pond, open water swimming will become even more accessible in London.

The other best outdoor swimming spots in London are:

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is reputed to be the finest park in London and it features three swimming pools. These are Highgate Men’s Pond and Kenwood Ladies’ Pond that offer single-sex bathing facilities. They are open all year round. On the other side of Heath, there is a mixed pond that is open from May until September. Moreover, a lido is located nearby at the foot of Parliament Hill.

Tooting Bec Lido

Located in south London, this lido dates back to 1906 and is the city’s largest outdoor pool with measurements of 100 yards length and 33 yards width. Every other winter, the world cold water swimming championships are held at this pool.

The Serpentine Lido

The Serpentine swimming lido is located in London’s Hyde Park. An annual 100-yard swimming race is organised by Hyde Park’s Serpentine Swimming Club at this lido on Christmas Day. However, only members of the club can participate in it. The water is quite cold and often forms into ice that has to be broken and as such only physically fit members of the club dare to swim in it for the race. Other less hardy swimmers only swim during the summer in the lake which is located in a surprisingly secluded part of the busy park.

Brockwell Lido

Brockwell Lido is also in south London but it also features a top-class cafe that serves excellent brunches that are some of the best in this area. A swim in the 50-metre pool will definitely increase the appetite.

Looking to the Future: Thames Bath Project

Plans are afoot to create a swimming bath on the Thames for which a new Kick-starter project is being put into effect. Since the river is now cleaner than before, the project may soon turn into reality. There are plans to make a 25-metre short course pool and a training pool at the floating baths.


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