Covent Garden- the all in one

For a winter afternoon what is a better option than taking a stroll amongst the best of the most famous places in London of all time? Be it for a traveller who is here to visit London for the first time or for a resident of the place, finding a place where you will be able to find everything you need and even then, be yourself is something that is very tough.  Always bustling and bubbling with energy, fun and laughter, Covent Garden is one place where everyone would love to come and even come again to spend their evening in a typical London atmosphere. It is understandable that amongst the so many things that happen in Covent Garden, it is a bit tough to go sequentially and to think what to do after what and where to go first. But you don’t need to worry as this guide is there to help you out.

Shopping- When you are out on a day trip with your family or close ones there is one thing that you cannot stop yourself from doing and that is shopping. Even at Covent Garden there is one thing that you can do in abundance and that is shopping. Even if from the outside you would have a feeling that these are market buildings but in reality there are loads of interesting and beautiful boutiques and shops which sell a lot of thing in a varied range. You will find craft and antique stalls in the Apple market which is situated in the middle of the covered area. In the Jubilee hall also you will find a lot of items which you can buy. Another very interesting and unlikely place where you will be able to find things to buy is the side streets from the market area. There you will be able to find different types of specialist shops. Along the Long Acre and close to the tube station you would find a lot of places to go cloth shopping.

For street entertainment- It is true that all times it doesn’t feel like going to some hall or event for entertainment but what if there is entertainment in the street itself? If you take a walk down the tube towards the market then you will find living statues that add a little colour and frisson for the passersby. And no, they aren’t restricted to just that, you will find many street entertainers around the market. To find them you wouldn’t have to do a lot but all you would have to do is follow the sounds of chorus, laughter and music and you will reach them. They are usually near the lower level cafes. At times during the summer, you can visit the Royal opera house which screens concerts for free.

If you are a traveller who is keen on visiting London and are confused on where to put up, you can choose the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel rooms which offer luxury rooms in Shoreditch where you can keep your luggage and get freshened up. After that, you can take the underground or the bus to reach the Covent Garden and indulge in all the pampering that the place offers you. Returning will not be a problem either as you would be able to get the buses back to the hotel and they will drop you in front of it with no hassles.

Eating- Now that shopping is done and you have been entertained too, you must be hungry. You do not have to go to any other place to quench your hunger or thirst. Instead, you can be at Covent Garden and enjoy a full plate of delicacy for your lunch or dinner. There is an array of bars, restaurants and cafes that adorn the lines of Covent Garden. This makes sure that you aren’t famished when you are enjoying a day with your friends or close ones. It is possible that you might find the restaurants and cafes to be a bit over priced as compared to the other places that you have had food but there is a solution to that too. All you have to do is explore the side lanes and the lanes that are connected to the Covent Garden. There you would find a lot of shops lined up and you would also see a variety in the types of shops that are there to serve you hot and fresh food of your choice. The prices are reasonable if compared to the prices of the cafes and the restaurants of the market but the quality is the same or even better.

The Theatre- After shopping, street entertainment and some eating, you are all set for theatre. Since Covent Garden is in the heart of the theatre land of the city, you will find a lot of theatres nearby. You can visit any theatre you wish to and enjoy a screening of your choice. If you are spoilt for choices, there is always a good way out and that is the Royal Opera House. To reach these places you can take a cycle rickshaw taxis that are there and give them the place you would want to go, your destination will be there in minutes.

The Actor’s church- The most famous reason why many people visit the Actor’s church is because of the name. But it is actually another name of St Paul’s church. Inigo Jones initiated the church in the 1660s when the initiation of the market was done. The speciality of the church is that it is beautiful and its interior is very spacious. If you want to sit in a very peaceful place once you are done with the hustle bustle of the market, you can come to the St. Paul’s church and sit there, relaxing as your senses calm down. The experience is more breathtaking when there is a good weather outside. Now that you know what all things you can do at Covent Garden what are you waiting for? Take your family and head out.

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