Cycling in Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the best cities in the country for those who love to cycle. Not only is it relatively flat but there are plenty of cycle routes and paths for those who feel a little less confident navigating their way through busy traffic, although with around one in five journeys being made by bike in the city, drivers in Cambridge are usually very considerate, making it an even safer place to cycle. Despite the fact that Cambridge is known as the ‘city of cycling’, if you are planning a visit and would like to use a bike to get around then there are still some things you should bear in mind.

Hiring a bike

There are at least five major bike hire shops in the city, which each offer the chance to hire bikes for the day or on a longer term basis. Hiring a bike is great if you are comfortable exploring on your own but if you need a little more guidance then you could try the Cambridge Bike Tour; bike hire is included in the price of the tour and they will take you around all of the major sights in the city including the main colleges of the University, King’s College Chapel and along the River Cam.

Leaving your bike

If you need to leave your bike, perhaps to pop into a café or coffee shop or to visit an attraction then you need to make sure that you secure the bike properly. Some hiring companies will include a lock as part of the hire but this is something which you should ask about at the time of hiring. You should also make sure that you make use of the bike racks which are placed around the city, rather than just leaving your bike in any old place. If you have to leave your bike overnight, perhaps because you are staying for the weekend then there are two covered bike parks in the city: one at the Grand Arcade and one on Park Street. You could drop your bike off before heading back to whichever of the hotels in Cambridge UK you have booked.

Rules of the road

It is important to bear in mind that almost all areas of the Highway Code can also be applied to cyclists but ones which may be of particular importance include cycling in the dark without front and back lights and a red rear reflector, cycling when drunk and running red lights. There are a few additional rules to adhere to in Cambridge however: police have been known to fine cyclists going the wrong way up Trinity and Sidney Street, and for those ignoring the cycling ban on Burleigh Street and Fitzroy Street which is in place Monday to Saturday, 10am-4pm. There are over 80 miles of cycle lanes and routes in the city so if in doubt, stick to those clearly marked for cyclists to avoid running into any unnecessary fines.

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