Designer Jewellery – A Guide to Selecting What’s Right for You

There comes a time in a woman’s life where the cheaper jewellery doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Maybe you were gifted a designer rose gold necklace chain and ever since, you feel a thirst for more high-quality pieces.

Beginning a collection of designer jewellery is a thrilling time that will shape your style for years to come. And always remember, artisanal jewellery needn’t be saved only for special occasions. Consider working these special pieces into your daily wardrobe as well.

Designer Jewellery: A Guide to Selecting What’s Right for You

Know Your Budget

At first, you may worry about the cost of purchasing designer jewellery. Before you decide to shop for a new piece, look at your bank balance and consider your pending financial commitments. Work out a budget and determine the maximum limit you have to spend at this given time. Once you have your magic number, the fun of browsing can begin.

Know Your Budget

Consider your designer jewellery a worthy investment and remember the golden rule; quality over quantity. That designer rose gold pendant necklace is far more durable than its budget equivalent and will therefore give you many more decades of wear.

Respect Your Own Personal Style

Respect Your Own Personal Style

There’s no need to buy from a specific designer label just because it’s all over your favourite magazine. What works for others doesn’t naturally correspond to your own style. So if you don’t like the pieces from what’s currently trending, move on. Consider the other pieces in your jewellery collection. What pieces do you wear the most? Seek out similar styles from designer London jewellery brands for your designer commitment.

Stay True to A Theme

As you start to build your collection – try not to mix and match too many pieces and contrasting styles. The secret to designer jewellery is to keep your look pared-back.
Stick to wearing one or two beautiful pieces, and ensure they complement one another. Whilst it’s an option, you don’t necessarily need to purchase an entire set of jewellery. But, you should stick to a theme. For example, team a rose gold necklace chain with a bracelet or earrings of the same hue.

Shop Local

Shop Local

It feels great when you can support your local artisans and designers. That’s why we urge you to scan your own high street and find out who your nearest independent jewellers are. For example, if you live in the West End, scout out London jewellery brands with boutiques in the likes of Notting Hill.

Develop A Collection

When it comes to designer jewellery, you might fall in love with the craft of one particular designer and want to buy all their pieces! It’s fine to stay loyal to one designer  this way you know that your pieces complement each other. However, you can always keep your eyes peeled for up and coming news designers and start-up brands. After all, you might find a dreamy rose gold pendant necklace which coordinates perfectly with a bracelet you’ve purchased elsewhere.

Happy shopping! You can shop in-store and browse popular designer London jewellery brands online.

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