Do not miss out on Kensington which is one of the best areas of London

London is popular among the tourists for many reasons. The city exhibits pristine beauty owing to some of the best heritage buildings and monuments. The city has succeeded to keep the old world charm of the city intact by regular maintenance of the buildings. Apart from the heritage buildings, the city has also got various other points of interests whose beauty and majesty is beyond expression. When you visit London, you have to plan your itinerary carefully so that you do not miss any of the places. London is equally popular among the kids as it is among the grownups. There are many places in London, which excite the kids.

The parents can educate their kids while on the trip by taking them to the museums and the zoo. Apart from them, there are loads of activities that are going on for kids all over London. The Kensington area of London has many museums which will fascinate the kids. There are National science museums, where the kids will get to learn about so many things. Then there is a Heritage museum, which can make the kids aware of the heritage of the country and its people. The historical monuments and the heritage buildings in London exhibit the British architecture and are very beautiful. The kids are sure to get mesmerised by these. London city caters to the taste of all kinds of tourists, whether fun loving or serious.
Booking a good hotel in Kensington should be the first thing that should be done before arriving to London. Kensington Palace is a magnificent Palace inside the area of Kensington Garden. Princess Diana used to stay in this Palace and was also the birthplace of Queen Victoria. The beautiful Kensington Gardens surround the Palace from all sides. The area is also famous for the Billionaire’s row as many rich and famous personalities of the world live here.  South Kensington is also known as the Museum district of London as there are hundreds of museums here. If you are on a family trip, a visit to the museums like History Museum, Victoria and Albert museum is a must. Kensington can easily be reached by using the London Underground service.

Some of the places around Kensington that must not be missed

  • Holland Park:

Holland park is touted as a very affluent neighbourhood of London and is home to several shopping destinations and eateries.You can refer to a Guide to Holland Park in order to visit the entire place without being lost. Holland Park is a district in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It is surrounded by several upmarket boutiques, shopping destinations and restaurants. High Street Kensington and Portobello Market are two of the most famous shopping destinations in London.


  • Notting Hill:

The neighbourhood of Notting Hill in London is considered one of the most exclusive areas in London, which is favoured by locals as well as the tourists. It is not that Notting Hill was always like this. It was only after 1980 that Notting Hill became fashionable and famous for its antique shops. Gradually, it also came to be known as an affluent area with upmarket shops, boutiques and residences. There are several gardens that wear a secluded look and also some Victorian townhouses that give the neighbourhood a distinct look and feel. The area is largely residential baring a few areas which boast of great shopping destinations. Notting hill lies north-west to Kensington Gardens and bordered by Westway, Inverness terrace, Notting Hill Gate and West cross route. This affluent area also has an efficient connectivity with the rest of the city as several London Underground lines pass through Notting Hill.

While staying in Kensington, the tourists can walk to places like Harrods, Natural History Museum and Hyde Park, etc. Other attractions close to the hotel are Serpentine gallery, Science Museum, Kensington palace, Victoria and Albert Museum and many more. The famous high streets are the commercial centre of the Kensington and features shops, cinema and various spots for entertainment. The guests can relish the impeccable delicacies at the restaurant and unwind over a few drinks at the bar.

  • Brompton and Knightsbridge

Another place in Kensington is Brompton which according to Charles Dickens Jr. was an artist quarter. It is now a part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Some parts of Knightsbridge come under the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which is being developed as the international retail circuit in London.

Though the transport in London is quite efficient, roaming about in the city exploring the sights on foot or by bicycle has its own fun. When you move on a bicycle, you can visit less-known sights of the city which you usually miss when travelling in a car. To facilitate the cyclists, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London had started the cycle hire service. The service is now provided by Barclay and the process of booking is also quite easy. As of now, there are 10,000 bicycles operating in London which can be availed at almost 700 docking stations in the city.  The visitors can take the tube to Heathrow Airport. Apart from the proximity to tube, the area also offers easy accessibility to some of the best tourist destinations of the city like Hyde Park, Oxford street, Notting Hill, Big Ben and London Eye. All these locations are nearby and can be reached in a matter of minutes. What you need to do is to take the tube and walk a few steps after de-boarding the train. While on a trip to London, you must be fully prepared to eat and shop your heart out, especially when you are staying in an area like Kensington which is so affluent and replete with famous restaurants and shops. You must also try to make sure that you book your accommodation in Kensington so that you are close to the action. The proximity of the hotel with the London Underground is always an added advantage. Know more at http://www.parkgrandkensington.co.uk/

Summary: Kensington is regarded as one of the most posh and affluent areas of London due to the presence of Kensington Palace Gardens, residences of elite personalities and embassies.

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