East London Walking Tours

East London is a very vibrant and diverse part of the city with no two streets appearing the same.  It has long been the settling place for different people and as such is a cultural melting pot offering everything from modern, colourful street art to traditional markets selling home-made goods.

One of the best ways to explore such a culturally rich part of the city is by taking a walking tour around some of the more popular areas.  Whether you have an interest in discovering more about the gory past of Jack the Ripper or you want to take in some of the best nightclubs and bars, there is a tour which is perfect for you so get one of the club hotel deals booked now:-

London Street Art Tour

East London is the place of choice for many of the country’s best known graffiti artists and in particular, Shoreditch is home to work by Banksy, ROA, Jimmy C and Stik as well as many more.  A walking tour is the ideal way to see some of the world’s finest street art, discover the culture and history of street art in the city as well as getting to practice yourself (depending on the tour you choose of course!).  It’s the ideal walking tour if you are staying at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City and want to explore the surrounding area.  The great thing about the street art scene is that it is an ever-changing canvas so even if you’ve explored it once you can guarantee that there will be something fresh and new for you to discover the next time you are in the city.

Jack the Ripper Tour

Not for the faint of heart, these popular tours explore the darker side of East London as it was during the time of Jack the Ripper.  These tours take place at night, usually around 7.30pm and take you to the crime scenes and the cobbled streets where Jack the Ripper once walked, finding his victims as well as asking you to examine the evidence found yourself.  The East End is well served by public transport meaning it should be easy to reach the starting point of the tour from your accommodation, such as the London City Suites By Montcalm.

Eating Tour

One of the great things about East London offering such a mix of international cultures is the rich choice of cuisine available too and this walking tour offers you the chance to try eight different dishes from classic British fare to the greatest curry in the city.  Just be sure you don’t eat so much you can’t make it back to your Montcalm hotel afterwards!

Self-guided Tour

Of course it is entirely possible to create your own walking tour, especially if you want to get a mixture of all the different tours available, perhaps by checking out the street art scene before visiting of the Ripper’s old haunts and then heading on to Old Spitalfields Market and trying one of the restaurants located in the vicinity.


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