Enjoy A Budget Friendly Holiday In London

If you are a first time visitor to London there is plenty to look forward to! The only thing that is not too exciting is the cost involved, as London is a very expensive city, in comparison to other European cities. However, the good news is that there are ways to have an enjoyable trip in London without having to break the bank.

For those travelling on a budget there are plenty of London budget hotels to choose from. And you could save even more money if you look for promotional offers and package deals, which are available at the time of your trip to London.

For the budget conscious, who want to stay in comfort without spending too much the BW Premier Park Grand London Kensington is the ideal choice. It offers premium facilities and excellent customer service, while being affordable in price. A few other tips to save on expenses while on holiday in London are:

Budget Holiday

Stroll around Central London:

Although London is a large city, Central London is surprisingly small to tour. Instead of wasting money to catch a bus or the Tube you could rather leg it, which will not only save money, but also will give you an opportunity to explore the many attractions in the area at leisure.  You could begin by taking a stroll from Trafalgar Square past National Gallery along the Whitehall area, where you could catch a glimpse of Westminster and the Houses of Parliament. Alternately you could explore the West End around Covent Garden, after which you could head over the Thames to the charming Southbank area. Along the route you will come across beautiful green open spaces and buskers for entertainment, something you would miss if you are on the Tube or a bus.  Exploring Central London on foot is a far more cost-effective and enjoyable experience!

Get an Oyster card:

It is not possible to avoid the use of public transport when you are on a trip to London. So to make the use of public transport more economical you could get an Oyster Card, which is the smartest way to travel in the city. It reduces the cost of travel considerably and makes travel much more cost-effective.  You could choose to take scenic bus routes (like the RV1), instead of sightseeing tours. And if you want to explore the city via the Thames waterway you could opt for the Thames Clipper service, which is a far more economical option to travel in comparison to expensive river cruises.

Make the most of free attractions:

The good thing about London is that there are numerous public attractions like art galleries, parks and museums that do not charge an admission fee. So make the most of these and visit the many attractions to be found all over London. Some of the top places to visit are the Natural Museum, The British Museum, The Tate Modern, The National Maritime Museum and The Natural History Museum, among plenty of other great free national attractions.

Keep an eye out for special offers:

While there are some terrific paid attractions that are not to be missed on a trip, they will certainly charge a fair bit for admission charges. One way to save on entrance fees is to keep an eye out for any special deals at the time of your visit. And if you book your tickets in advance you could pay less. So if you plan to visit some of the top paid attractions preferably book your tickets in advance. If you do plan to travel by National Rail you could look for their great two-for-one deals to some of the major attractions in London.

Get free vouchers:

One of the best ways to save money on a trip to London is to get a copy of Time Out Magazine, as they offers great vouchers and helpful tips to reduce expenses, while in London. You could get a new edition on a Tuesday for the latest events and reviews, while also following their cost-cuttings tips. There are many other places where you could get vouchers for special discounts at restaurant chains and other attractions, all across the city. You could also keep a look out for happy-hour deals and 2 for 1 promotions etc.

Sign up for a free walking tour:

One of the best ways to learn more about the city’s many attractions and their history is to become a part of a walking tour. There are plenty of free walks that are organised in different parts of the city all through the year. One of the best free tours is Sandeman’s free Central London Royal tour that takes you through parts of the city dating back to ancient times. There also is the Alternative London pay-what-you-like tour organised in East London that focuses on the art scene of the area. Both of the mentioned tours are a great way to get to know the city better in a more informative and exciting way!

Do not travel to London in the tourist season:

If you could be flexible in your travel schedule to the city it will help to save both on expenses as well as help to avoid the crowds. These include holiday periods like Christmas, Easter and the summer, when the city is packed with locals and visitors travelling to the major tourist spots. A good time to visit London is September and early October, when it is less crowded and there still is a bit of sunshine. The period after Christmas and between New Year is also a good to time to visit the city. The place is festively decorated and there are lesser crowds as most are making the most of the holidays. The only thing you will have to contend with is the weather, which could be rather cold at that time of the year.

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