Enjoy London In Your Budget

London is well known for its pricey status. The cost of living in the English capital is extremely high. Whether it is hotels or restaurants or shopping places, a trip to London is bound to burn a big hole in the pocket. Well, that had been the general concept about the city till date. It is high time that this be changed. Today it is no longer only a rich man’s dream to visit the city. Even an average earning person can check out the various spectacles of the city while staying within budget all the time. All one will need is careful consideration and proper planning.

To begin with, determine the time of visit. London is receiving people from all across the globe at all times, but during the festivities and special tourist seasons the rush is pretty high and you will not find an accommodation suiting your limited budget. Visiting London must be planned during the non-peak season. It is this timer of the year when even the 5 star hotels London provide special discounts on their rates.

After having selected the time of vacation and confirming the flight ticket, it is time to select the perfect accommodation. Depending upon available discounts and offers you may either choose one of the top hotels in the city or among the budget options. While booking the accommodations, it is a good idea to opt for the official website for that purpose. Generally there are many online travel agents which provide wonderful packages for trips to London. However, not all the packages are as good as they sound and on breaking down the cost one might find that it will cost them lesser in case one is booking directly with the hotels and flight service providers. This will take some amount of research. The location of the accommodation is also important. Those who will like to keep the budget low should check out the hotels and other accommodation options available on the suburbs of London, which are also well connected to the city centre. The central London is most highly priced, and unless you are finding a great deal, you might as well skip checking into one of the hotels in this part of the city.

After reaching London, a large amount of money is generally spent by the various tourists on the guides. Getting a professional guide might be necessary for first time visitors, but not every guide costs extreme rates. There are many guided tours, which generally leave from the central London or from the Buckingham Palace which do not have high rates. Some are such that the tourists taking the tours will be able to pay as much as one wishes to. City tours are arranged by many organizations in London that offer a great voyage of the city and cover almost every major point. Alternatively, you may even try the audio tours of the city. Audio tours are great for tourists who are visiting London on their own. There are audio guides that will take the tourist through the various alleys and lesser known parts of the city while telling interesting tales about the parts of the city, may be about some local store or building as well.

London can be one of the costliest cities in the world, but that does not mean you have to turn your vacation into a costly affair.

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