Enjoy the best of street food in Cambridge

Cambridge is just forty-five minutes by train from London, which makes it ideal for a weekend or city break. The University Town as popularly known is home to its most famous landmark Cambridge University which has an affiliation of 31 colleges. While it is hub of education along with Oxford, there is plenty more in terms of attractions, historical sites and shopping among a host of activities and events.

Cambridge also has excellent dining options with fine restaurants and cafes and amazing street food to satisfy the most discerning palate. Accommodation wise the hotels in Cambridge UK are at par with some of the best hotels in the country.

A great place to stay in the city is The Tamburlaine Hotel Cambridge located on Station Road and a short walk from the city centre. It offers excellent facilities and amenities at an affordable price and is a popular with business travellers and visitors to Cambridge.

Some of the best places to enjoy street food in Cambridge are:

Steak and Honour:

They opened for business in 2012, and since then there has been no looking back for Steak and Honour, with their burgers immensely popular in Cambridge. Bothe David and Leo are Michelin trained and their vans can be found across the city. They can be found at the popular Food Park among a host of other venues including pop-up events. While the menu differs you will always find their signature classic the succulent Riverside beef patty, with a host of fine toppings. Vegans get to savour Shroom (mushroom with American cheese) apart from desserts and seasonal fare.

The Wandering Yak:

The owners of Wandering Yak have dispelled the misplaced notion that street food as a norm has to be non-vegetarian. They serve a sumptuous spread of Middle Eastern and vegetarian dishes with their van found all across the city and Ely. While the menu is changed regularly the staples dishes like Flat Yak, Yak Pack and Yak Wrap are always available. They also offer a fine selection of Yak Snacks including Greek yoghurt, pea hummus etc. They are regulars at the Cambridge Food Park pop-up events.

Fired Up Pizza:

A smashing combination of mozzarella, with a crispy pizza base and delicious tomato sauce is what you can enjoy at Fired Up Pizza. They are out of the best pizzas in town and made the traditional way, in word fire ovens. The dough is sourced from a local bakery while the tantalising sauce is home made. They offer a fine variety of toppings including vegetarian and non-veg. Options. They can be found at Food Park and  a slew of other events across town.

Nanna Mexico:

For the best Mexican street food in Cambridge head to any of eateries of Nanna Mexico on Petty Cury or Regent Street. They serve an amazing menu of enchiladas, tacos, tortas, quesadillas and the famous Burrito. It began in the streets of Mexico in the 50s and her grandson brought the tradition over to Cambridge. Apart from their eateries their van can be found across the streets of Cambridge.

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