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One of the major attractions of all the people who visit London has to be the London Tower. The major reason why the travellers and the tourists alike choose London as their travel destination is the fact that London is the only place in the whole world which is famous for the fact that it has everything teamed up in one. You would get the best of art, culture, science, music, food and even history in London which are divided into clean and clear categories which would never confuse you on what to do and where to go if you want to visit a particular place or do a particular thing according to the category that is given to you.

One of the major sightseeing places in London is undoubtedly the London Tower. Even though it might sound like a place which is overrated but the people who has once visited the place know how much overrated or underrated the place is. Much more than just being a place where you get to see the crown jewels, this place is everything that a tourist needs to see in a sightseeing place.  The long queue at the beginning of the entrance should not stop you from visiting the place and going inside it as the experience of once you go inside it is unmistakeable and you would love to visit the place.

You can get over the overrated feeling if you go through the Tour of the London Tower in the correct way and not the way the general masses do. A guided tour helps in giving you what you came to the London Tower for- knowledge, awe and stories. There are many types of tours which are given and there are different number of groups formed on the basis of which people are escorted back to the place through the towers and the secrets that they hold. It is a guarantee that once you get a guided proper tour of the place, you would love it so much that you would end up suggesting the place to every other person (be it a traveller or not) who is willing to go to London for any kind of work.

Basically, the tenure of the whole tour of the London tour is of half a day which ensures that you have the other half with you where you can do anything that you would feel like doing. If you really want to have the best of what the tour can give you then it is suggested that you visit the place by 9 AM so that you can make the most of what the tour can give you. Go and take a big and long stride around the tower before you actually enter the place. As you would look at the buildings surrounding the tower you would see the fact that the wonderful feeling that it gives is one worth remembering for a lifetime. The buildings are situated just opposite to the river which would ensure that you have a pleasant feeling.

Whenever you are there in London and are aiming to get the best of what the place offers you then you would also need a place to put up. The Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel is one hotel which is the closest of the many other hotels which are available in the place. You would get many facilities if you put up at the hotel. One of them is the fact that the place is well connected to the means of transport which would ensure that you can travel to any part of the city without having to worry that you do not have any means of transport close to you. Along with that, the fact that you have the best if security is enough to make you choose this particular hotel. The security of the hotel is such that there isn’t any person in the hotel who has entered without showing an ID proof. Thus, you would be able to keep your entire luggage intact and no one would be touching it any time. The many other features that the hotel provides makes sure that you are bound to return to the hotel whenever you come back to London.

Next, when you are done visiting the outskirts of the tower then you can go for the inside of the tower. There, you would first see that the watchmen are making their rounds of the whole place. As a part of the tour, it is a wonderful sight to see the guards doing their duty in the wee hours of the morning. Oh yes, it is also mentioned that there are many people who live inside the tower. Sounds very interesting yes and if you are a person who has served in the army for more than 24 years then you can also apply to stay inside the tower instead of being a regular visitor.

Then you are shown what exactly the inside of the tower is like and how certain things have happened. You would be able to see the crown jewels. Make sure that you step on the moving floor properly so that it can show you the jewels properly. You would be able to see many different crowns, table ware and many other ornaments of the queen which are either embedded with precious jewels or gems or with gold. The whole experience of having to see the jewels as you speed past it in the escalator that you are into is one experience of a lifetime. Once you are done with the tower, you can end your trip with having to see the St. Paul’s Cathedral Church which is one of the major attractions of every person who have come to London for their trip. This whole London Tower tour makes sure that you see the best of what London is all about and a good guide for the tour helps you in getting to know its value.

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