Enjoy Tours to Hyde Park in Style

Hyde Park in London has some of the best ways of making things easier and more interesting.

Visit the beautiful city of London and bring back the pleasures of a wonderful destination with ideal tour delights. Filled with the best kind of sights not only in the beautiful palaces and museums, the city also gives the best combinations of amazing travel leisures in the green spaces across the city. The gardens and parks are in fact considered to be royal and filled with a regal grandeur that is unmistakable. Hyde Park in London is one such important place to be in and fills one with a reason to enjoy and experience the best also have many cheap hotels in hyde park to stay. Said to be a great combination of amazing tours, the city prides in being a symbol of regal grandeur and brings to light the best ways to enjoy the travels here.

The Pleasures of Hyde Park

The region in and around Hyde Park paves the path for perfect travel memories due to its serene and tranquil ambience and brings forth a perfect blend of interesting visual attractions. This is perhaps the best way one could make use of the tours here and is the ideal way to enjoy the visits to the city of dreams, London. Come here and bask in the glory of the Speaker’s Corner where one gets to have one’s views expressed. There have been a lot of historical events here and the place is replete with facilities to enjoy, relax and get rejuvenated.

Places to see in and around Hyde Park

There are many places to see while is on a visit to Hyde Park. For example take back the best combinations of royal palaces and amazing monuments when visiting the palace. The Palace of Westminster or the Houses of Parliament is a mystery to all in fact. The sheer magnificence and the marvelous spires completely enthrall the visitor who comes here for the first time. Set in neo gothic constructions these are iconic landmarks which make the city feel proud of the constructions here. For those who seek comfort in the confines of surroundings here, enjoy the luxuries at the innumerable Hyde Park accommodations which make way for the best here.

The Interiors

The inside of the Houses of Parliament is always something that has never been revealed. One catches glimpses on television but there is actually nothing clear about how it is inside. One is always curious to know about this and when once reaches the inside the feeling is always one of awe. There are guides here who takes the tourists on a tour and there are provisions of guides of all languages.

The Westminster Hall

This is a large hall and provides the feeling of being in an ancient building. The wooden angels here look as if they are welcoming us as they look at us from above, and then the elaborate carvings along with the elegant hammer roof only make way for more history in our travels. The place has always been a venue for important speeches and there have been dignitaries like the late Nelson Mandela, the fiery Aung Sang Suu Kyi and the perfect orator Barack Obama here. It is in fact the oldest portion of the building and as the Westminster Palace had got destroyed in a recent fire in 1834, most of the rooms here have been reconstructed during the time Queen Victoria rule here.

The Queen’s Robing Room

The Queen’s Robing Room is another place where the perfection of early time’s construction is visible. The statues here are simply magnificent and one only would love to bask in the glory of the past here. The Chair of the State is an attraction here and the footstool measuring 150 cm was meant for Queen Victoria to rest her feet. Queen Elizabeth II is said to have waited here during the State Opening of the Parliament every year. Then she went on to the throne in the House of the Lords.

Pleasures of Being in the Houses of Parliament

Hyde Park provides one the perfect attraction to be a part of a lovely journey down the past in London. The artwork in the Houses of Parliament is one such example of the exquisite work of early days. The magnificent artwork along with the bas reliefs and the frescoes show the culture that existed in those times. Then of course there are scenes that come from the early Arthurian legends which decorate the Queen’s Robing Room. These have been hand chosen by Prince Albert who mainly did it for the love of his life Queen Victoria.

Interesting Scenes and Attractions

There are interesting scenes from the military history of Britain along with other sights like the Battles of Waterloo and Trafalgar. As one runs the length of the Royal Gallery there are other things to see like the portraits of the main figures from the Renaissance period. These actually give life to the entire ambience. Also get to see the beautiful figures of Henry VIII and his wives.

The Lords Chamber

This is again another lovely ceremonial room and is connected to the monarch. The famous red seats and the other green seats are an attraction here. The red seats are for the members and the green seats are for the common man. There are two separate rooms for voting and here people vote their choice. The choice is counted here. Then there is an octagonal Central lobby which is magnificent place to be in. This is the room at the middle of the palace where the lords and the commons used to pass through before going to their houses.

Hyde Park Memories

As one comes to Hyde Park and goes back it is only the beauty of the rituals, customs, precedents and the culture that remains etched in our minds.  There is actually no end to the way we could enjoy here and one can only bask in the glories of the stories and tales of earlier days.

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