Enjoying London from South Bank

Summary: The South Bank region in London is a place where one gets the best combinations of travel luxuries and tour delights.

Visit London the beautify city of dreams and visual attractions. Come here and take back a valuable combination of tour ecstasies and travel experiences. London the land of enjoyable fares also provides to the tourist a perfect blend of tour itineraries which take the tourist around the city in great detail. While here enjoy the vivid patterns of being in this city and experience the pleasures of best attractions. There are many places to visit while in the city and Southbank is one such place which should not be missed. Popular for its visual ambience and amazing surroundings, the theatres and the other pleasures here are memorable and long lasting.

Southbank A cultural London hub’
Southbank is the place where the world’s largest arts centre is located. With many concert halls, art galleries, cafes, shops forming the mainstay of tours here, the place is filled with an absolutely wonderful collection of performance spaces and interesting things to do. Take back a great collection and bring back lost charms in tours and travels. Located on the Belvedere Road, Southbank is a lovely combination of modern sights and tour experiences. With the Waterloo station as the nearest underground station, there are other facilities of wheelchair access and free tickets for the able bodied helpers of such people. Ambulatory disabled people also are given special conveniences while on visits here.

Enjoying Southbank
London’s Southbank Centre is a multipurpose visual arts venue which operates all through the year. There are many events that take place here which include classical, popular, jazz, music and folk arts which are usually performed by international artists, and soloists. There is always something for everyone here. For the dance and performance fare, one has all kinds of contemporary genre from ballroom to tango, urban to hip hop. The mime and circus arts along with unclassifiable performance art are all other features that are available here. People also involve themselves in a lot of reading, comedy, talks as well as poetry. There are interactive sessions for all these and also contemporary exhibitions which are a major visual treat here for all.

Festival fares in Southbank
There are lots of SouthBank festivals that usually take place in the various venues here in the city. There are also many events, concerts, exhibitions, and performances which are a part of the centre. Besides this there are events for families and other performances which deal with children’s theatre and other activities like story telling along with educational programs with the audience participating in everything with great interest.

Famous Southbank Venues
There are many interesting venues in Southbank which cater to the needs of the visitors. The Royal Hall was created after the Festival of Britain which was held sometime in the fifties. The Royal FestivalHall as then renovated sometime between the years 2005 and 2007 and the cost incurred was around more than 91 million pounds. This was one of the worlds’ greatest concert halls and was also home to two resident orchestra. This was the Philharmonia Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra. These were regularly hosted by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and many other such ensembles as well as soloists. Today the Hall seats around three thousand people.

The Queen Elizabeth Hall
This is the second largest concert hall on the Southbank Centre Site and hosts chamber orchestras, choirs, quartets, dance performances, and opera. There are contemporary gigs and music which are always staged here and this along with special events like T.S.Eliot Poetry Prize Readings makes up the main content of the shows here.

The Purcell Room
The Purcell Room is another interesting place to visit in this part of the city. It has around three hundred and ninety seats and is mainly used for literature, chamber music and spoken word events. It also has gigs and solo recitals which make it a worthwhile experience. The Purcell Room is found inside the Queen Elizabeth hall building.

The Hayward Gallery
This is a gallery which was constructed sometime in the sixties and is one of the most striking structures of Brutalist architecture. It has no permanent collection and hosts many important exhibitions every year. It has a great reputation for being controversial and political and has some of the best art collections. There are many free exhibitions here which are the main features of the Southbank centre. The entire experience is even more delightful if one is placed in a 5 Star London Hotels. The pleasures of visiting places from a relaxed place is indeed worth all the experience.

The Saison Poetry Library
The library is a collection of the poetries across the world and has the best kinds of Arts Councils’ collection. It is situated inside the Royal Festival Hall building and is one of the most accessible as well as comprehensive collection of modern poetry in this part of the world. Poetry from many countries are found here and one also has the traditional forms of children’s poetry, rap as well as concrete types. People can come here for free and there are facilities of video also available.

The Southbank Centre a Hub for Dining
People who come to Southbank also indulge in lot of fine dining here. Eating and drinking facilities here are very user friendly and cater to all the needs well. There is a space created here for many cafes and restaurants. These include the best restaurant chains and also the best hotels in this part of the city. The child friendly Giraffe, Wagamama, the Festival terrace are all some of the popular eateries here. Then there are other international eateries which offer South American, French, Japanese, Chinese food. Coffee, cakes and sandwiches are also available in the lobby here. Add to this, the other arrangements and the Royal Festival Hall is home to some of the best stylish restaurant joints in this part of the world.

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