Enjoying the summer sun of the South End Green

Summer is the great time to visit the London City in style. After the period of the chilly May the summer season is the right time when you are made to feel at ease in this part of the world. July is the month when you can visit the city with absolute glee. The weather is cool and refreshing and you would love loitering under the sun and enjoying the sunny warmth and the comfort of the day all along. In summer you can visit the hidden London destination and this is known as the South End Green. The location is wedged at the Hampstead and the Belsize Park is quite near to have an enjoyment in full mood.

The South End Green stands near to the Hampstead Heath and the diminutive size of the place gives you a special call every time. You have endless things at the destination to enjoy and feel good at the same time. For instance, you can sit at the pub and spend hours. This is a great way you can spend the summer day at the place and feel the essence of worthy London visit. The South End Green is also visited by people coming from the northern part of London. The visitors come to the part of the city with great zeal and enthusiasm.

This is the part of the London City where you can happily visit The Garden Gate. The place is known for the best beer gardens within the city. This is the place where you can trace quality pub foods and The Magdala is the best choice at the place. The place holds a special interest as it is known to be the place where the last woman was hanged in Britain as she shot her boyfriend in the open. You can see the holes on the walls still now and with this you can get an idea regarding the reality of the incident.

Currently the Magdala has been kept close but it would be reopened quite soon. You have some of the most impressive institutions at the South End Green. This is the sort of London outlet where you can spot the beloved daunt books and the interior of the place is not so well decked as you can find in the Marylebone counterpart. This is the place to hold the best selection of books and you would love the astounding travel section at the place. Once you go round the corner you can find the Keats House Museum.

This is the place where John Keats lived for years and at the destination he composed the famous poem of Ode to the Nightingale. The museum is decked with all things special and here you can feel good to read through the literary marvels. You even have the best of restaurants and cafes at the South End Green. The places have remained open for decades and you would love munching the pastries at Euphorium Bakery. In case you have planned for a stay at the Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel you can easily visit the South End Green with the best of ease.

You would also love the outdoor takeaways from the counter of Mimmo La Bufala. One can even sit at the authentic tea rooms and sip from the special beverage. Poly is the chic café at the place and it is surely going to be a wonderful experience at the Silverberry Deli & Kitchen. The taste of the food at the place is just stupendous. You can figure out the specialties right at the place and then sit to enjoy the taste of the food so perfectly prepare to suffice your hunger at the best.

You have the real draw at the South End Green and here lies the specialty of the Hampstead Health. This is the neighborhood where you can find the Overground Station and the name of the place is just the same. Here you find the prime jumping off points and these are for the rambles in the section of the hills of the wooden park. You can even spend time at the place watching the Parliament Hill. From the place one can enjoy the expansive and the special city views.

You have to walk short to reach to the destination and the South End Green is quite close to the station. At the place you have the eminent bathing ponds and here you can practice your swimming skills as you can jump straight to the pool and enjoy the freshness in the sunny afternoon. In fact, it is time to enjoy the splash and the ambiance and all things seem so refreshing and special at the moment. In case you want to stay dry South End Green is just the right destination for you. Here you have the special foodie options and this is also the spot to spend the lazy picnic hours.

This is where you can make a stay at the 4 Star hotels in Paddington London and from the destination you can easily move to the M&S on Pond Street and then you can make your way to the Le Pain Quotidien on South End Road. This is the place where you can preorder for the several picnic boxes and you have all the best places to pick up with the snacks and the eatables. You can sit and feast on the grassy carpet and watch in glee the sun going down at the latter part of the day.

At the time of dusk the pubs of the South End Green are filled with all the locals and the visitors alike. These are people who wander back at the city from the wilds of the health. It is a pleasure to sit at the terrace of The Roebuck and one can make the best use of the huge exterior space. There is even The Stag fill and this is the perfect spot for you in case you desire to get soaked in the sun. People in London love the sunny hours of the day as the heat and the warmth are rare at the time of the year.

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