Entertainment and tips while staying around Gloucester Road Tube Station

While staying in London, here are five simple ways to make the most of your vacation.

  • Budget for those extra treats. If you are traveling around the holidays, ensure you bring extra cash for those sales and extra gifts. Boxing Day in London has some of the biggest sales of the year and you will certainly be happy you set aside extra money for those bargains.
  • Determine what kind of vacation you want. Do you want a relaxing, spa vacation, an adventurous, outgoing vacation, or a shopper’s paradise vacation? Knowing what type of vacation you want a head of the trip will allow you to plan appropriate activities.
  • Commit enough time to your plans. Once you know what time of vacation you want, ensure to plan enough time for all your activities. Always allow extra time for travel, spontaneous coffee breaks, and delayed appointments. You don’t want to miss out of vacation.
  • To Unplug or not to unplug. That is the question. Decide ahead of time if you want to let the whole world know on social media what you are up to or if you want a private and personal vacation away from stresses of your social life.
  • Slow Down. Make sure you slow down and appreciate the city you are in. Slow down and enjoy some of the local vibe.

If you find yourself near Gloucester Road Tube Station, here is a great list of Entertainment near the station.

Cine Lumiere- Attached to the InstitutFrancasis, Cine Lumiere showcases the best in foreign film. Located in South Kensington, it screens a mix of classic and current Global films. Films are screened in their oringial dialect, with accompanied English subtitles.

Science Museum IMAX- The London Science Museum is one of the rare places where you can get a full cinematic experience in 3D. With a screen ten times bigger than the average theatre screen, a digital surround sound system, and a special multi-dimensional technology of the IMAX format, it certainly is the most remarkable modern cinema in the UK. Given that it is located within the Science Museum, a large portion of the films shows are dedicated to documentaries, prehistoric creatures, space endeavors, and nature films. However, they do show mainstream movies as well as cartoon features. Watching a film here is like being a part of the movie, whether it is in 3D or 2D, it is an adventure the whole family can take part in. If you are a fan of Science museum, and looking for a nearby stay then park grand kensington  Hotel is the best option.

Royal College of Music- The Royal College of Music has an impressive list of alumni, including such greats as: Gustav Holist, Andrew Lloyd Webber, James Galway, Benjamin Britten, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Joan Sunderland. Putting on regular concerts in the college’s 19th century halls, they have left their mark on aspiring musicians. Student orchestras and ensembles currently play regular concerts and are very professional. You never know, you could get a chance to spot the next big classical star.

Royal Albert Hall- London’s most prestigious and versatile venues, the Royal Albert Hall holds a large array of events. Everything from rock, pop, classical, or jazz performances to sporting events and banquets, these all take place inside the iconic hall. The hall was commissioned by Prince Albert and opened ten years after his death in 1871. Since its construction, many new upgrades have taken place and it now plays host to the largest pipe organ in the British Isles. The hall can hold 5000 spectators and is usually fully packed for every performance.

The Troubadour- The original café where legends Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and Paul Simon all performed back in the 1960s, Troubadour has risen from penny less coffee shop to boho chic. Down in the basement, anything from soul singer-songwriters to blues, country, and even indie is played here nightly. However, it’s not just a music venue, upstairs is a super chic cafe. Customer can grab a coffee and bit to eat and then follow that up with a tour around Troubadour’s garden and art gallery.

Finborough Theatre- Situated above a pub, the Finborough Theatre presents award-winning plays by new writers. Founded in 1980, the theatre only has 50 seats which in turn do create a more intimate experience for the audience. The theatre has always been a favorite among the south-west London community, which is why it has received the Most Welcoming Theatre and the Best Theatre Bar in South West London in the Off West End Awards in 2012.

After a long night of cinema and music, you may need to find hotels near Gloucester Road Station to stay the night in. Try the Park Grand London Kensington.  If you love that hotel, you should stay at its sister hotel, Park Grand London Hyde Park.A short walk through Hyde Park, once you spend the night take a quick stroll around, there are some wonderful places to visit near Westbourne Terrace which is seconds away from the hotel.

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