Essential Tips for Packing for a Trip to London

If you are planning a trip to London, it is essential to pack light and judiciously so that you take only essential items suiting the weather and yet giving you the chic, contemporary look. Moreover, by packing light it will become easy to hop on to trains, remain mobile and not have to take recourse to hiring a cab which can be quite expensive in London. A carry-on suitcase may provide enough space for all that you wish to take but a suitable backpack and a briefcase would be better, especially if it is made of leather and canvas. You will be able to fit just about everything that you may need on your trip and also have the flexibility of moving around easily.

If you are going to London by air you must ensure that you make proper preparations and take precautions so that you do not violate any of the norms related to air travel and you have a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Before packing you must check the baggage allowance with the airline company both for check-in and carry-on luggage so that you pack within the limits.

Plan Your Packing: Before you start packing your stuff, it is essential to plan and write down all the items that you feel would be necessary for you during the trip. This may include even reading material and if you are travelling with your kid, you may also take a colouring book and coloured pencils. In fact, you can include all items that give you pleasure while you are relaxing or moving around such as headphone, wallet, playing cards, snacks and assorted medicines that you feel are essential and commonly used by you.

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Pack Only Essential Clothes: You must take clothes suiting the weather that you may encounter. However, you should only take your essential clothes making sure that you look fabulous. You should also make sure that you pack those clothes that will go with everything else you are taking, such as a white button down shirt. It would be advisable to take layers of clothes as weather in London is most unpredictable. It would be a great idea to take two heavy shirts and many layers underneath. Moreover, if you pack light, you will be able to do your shopping being confident that you have sufficient space in your bags to keep what you have bought. You must think ahead and make a list of all items of daily use that you will need such as toothbrush, socks, medicines, toiletries etc and then pack accordingly.

Follow Security Rules: You must respect security rules and avoid carrying liquids in hand bags. You must not carry liquids exceeding 100ml and sharp items in your carry-on bags. If you do so, you will certainly get caught and will have to lose your valuable shampoo, perfume, hand-cream, scissors or Swiss-knife. Ladies will need at least three pairs of shoes including one pair of loafers, a pair of high heels for a fancy party or dinner and comfortable boots for walking while visiting places of interest.

Take a Souvenir Bag: Take a collapsible bag that goes in your suitcase so that you can keep packing souvenirs in it as you buy them. This way, you need not carry a big suitcase and your souvenirs will not get crushed in your luggage.

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Precautions While Packing: You should pack essential items for a day or two in the carry-on bag so that you are not left high and dry in case your main suitcase gets lost. Moreover, you should mix up suitcases with each other’s clothes and other personal items if you are travelling with your spouse so that you have essentials in case one of the bags gets lost. You should not pack electronics and valuables in check-in suitcases but keep them in carry-on bag. Ladies should keep jewellery items in their hand bags. You should check which items are banned in the country that you are travelling, just as in the UK you should not carry fruit and vegetables, raw meats or unpackaged foods. You should take suitable plug adapters so that you can use your gadgets.

Documentation: You must keep copies of passport and important documents in your luggage while you pack the originals in your hand bag, as you may need them in case the originals are lost. You must make sure that your visa is valid if you are visiting a country that needs a visa. For entering the UK, you need a visa if you are coming from many third world countries. As such, you must check with the embassy of the country that you are visiting about whether there has been any change in their visa policy recently.

Other Important Steps: You must ensure that your credit/debit cards are active and call your card bank to inform them that you are travelling to London along with travel dates so that they will not think that your card was stolen when you use it out of the country of issuance. You should get your mobile phone activated for roaming services and avoid using mobile data as it can prove to be very expensive. You must also keep important telephone numbers handy although they may have been stored in your mobile phone. You should carry enough cash with you in case you have difficulty operating your debit/credit card. You must carry relevant maps and guide books that will keep you on track and preclude the possibility of getting lost.

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