Eurostar to London

There are many ways to reach London; by road by driving down the highways or by flight, which is how a bulk of the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit this amazing city on a yearly basis usually arrive.

Another method of travelling to London; which is a method which can be said to be quite efficient is to take the Eurostar. It can be said that this does represent a very budget friendly approach to making the trip to London.

As for a little bit of history when it comes to the Eurostar; London has been connected to the continental part of Europe by this mode of transport since 1994. The speeds which these trains run at are very high and usually hover or range around three hundred kilometres per hour. By virtue of this crazy speed; it only usually takes about two to two and a half hours for a person who is travelling from Paris to reach the capital of England. This can also be said to be true for those who are travelling from Belgium; Brussels to be particular.


The Eurostar network is vast and the number of cities in Europe which can be covered mean that the train network can be made use of to get from most of Europe to London; this is surely something that will prove to be convenient to a large number of people who pay a visit to the capital from European Union cities and earlier were of the opinion that a flight was the only way to get to London; apart from road, which would often turn to be impractical in any case. However, it must be kept in mind by a person who falls into this category of a tourist in London that if he or she wishes to make use of the Eurostar to get to London, the closer he or she is located to the United Kingdom, the better, lest he or she would have to spend time changing trains multiple times.

When a person has made the choice to take the Eurostar to London, he or she will likely end up getting off at the station at St Pancras International Terminal. This terminal is located on Euston Road. From this part of London, it is not hard to get to the Heathrow airport; which is the one of the busiest airports in the entirety of the world. It is one of the four major airports which serve London.

Once a person who is paying a visit to London finally reaches his or her destination i.e. the city, it can be said that the location of his or her hotel in London is of paramount importance as this really does determine all that he or she is going to do due to the convenience of going to the attractions which are located in and around the area the hotel is located in. In order to be located in an advantageous part of the city on a visit to London, it can be recommended that a person who is planning a visit takes into account hotels near Hogarth Road as apt options when the time comes for him or her to pick a hotel. It is a hotel which has a reputation for great service as well as value provided to the guest who chooses to stay here; along with the great location it can boast of, of course.

It can be said that taking the Eurostar train is a better way to get to London if a person is travelling from across the English Channel by virtue of it being more environmentally friendly, cheaper. In addition to this, a person who is taking the Eurostar is surely guaranteed to have more leg space on the train, as well as more flexibility than he or she would normally have on a flight.

Taking into account the location of the St. Pancras International Terminal, a person who is planning to pay a visit to London can really hit the ground running when it comes to the list of attractions he or she wishes to pay visits to. This would not necessarily be true if a person was taking a flight as getting from the airport to the attractions would likely take quite a bit more time than the time it would take to be ready to discover some of what London has to offer its visitors, after taking the Eurostar to the city.

All in all, it can be said that making the choice to use the Eurostar to travel to London is a fantastic choice, to say the very least.

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