Exotic Animals To Spot In London

London, the capital city of Britain, is the home to rich culture and traditions. Some of these traditions are mentioned in history, and some have gone blurred with the passage of time. However, since, the city was the capital of royalty since time immemorial, it also comes with its own penchant, and that too were of exotic animals and birds. Seeing pictures of Victorian and Georgian times, the barons, and royals used to keep exotic animals as pets in London.

As a matter of fact, the London Zoo was in the Tower of London, home to many exotic and rare species. Later it was shifted to London Museum, now home to more than 700 animal and bird species in the world. You will be well surprised to find that London is home to many, wildlife that are hard to find anywhere else in the world. The zoo in London is not mere animals kept in hostages but, they are given their natural habitat to initiate conservation through proper breeding. In case, you are living in grand royale hotel hyde park london or any other hotels near hyde park, spotting the animals will be easy.

Here, you will get to know the un-British creatures that are spotted in the city.

Terrapins Of The London Parks And Waterways

Various species of terrapins are known to live in the water of London. You might spot them while on a day out in Hampstead Heath or Camden Pond. Its various canals have given them an ideal survival ground. It is thought that these little creatures were dumped there by people that brought them as pets after the 90s craze of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.’ You will find these scrappy little turtles are eating birds.


In recent years, squawking and noisy flocks of parakeets have taken over the south-eastern parts of England. It is no wonder that you are going to find many of them in London for its nature bounty is in full swing giving way to many exotic animals and birds. You will be able to recognize it having red beaks, and bright green feathers.

Do not mistake them for fat pigeons that strut down the pavement. Though it is a mystery and no one knows how the parakeets made their way to UK did and used it as their breeding ground, but, one thing is for sure that, they are here to stay. If you are visiting, Kew Gardens, Twickenham or Borehamwood look out for these colorful birds as you might spot them on trees and amidst greeneries.

Crystal Palace’s Puma

Crystal Palace is a residential area in south London, and it is one of the architectures built in 1851 for the Great Exhibition. Back in that time, the Crystal Palace was built with glass and iron structure. It is surrounded by beautiful woodlands and garden. Back in the year 2009, a mysterious big cat was found prowling its woodlands and also said to have chased a man. However, no one still knows the origin of the big black cat and how did it go there. The mystery is yet to be solved.

Flamingos Of The Kensington Roof Garden

You might not consider flamingos to be wild but, these unusual pink water birds are added to the list of exotic animal and bird inhabitants of the capital. Kensington Roof Gardens are also resident to these wonderful flamingos that you will find splashing their way around streams filled with fish for the catch. In addition to this, you might also spot some less-rare pintail ducks here too.

When it comes to finding exotic animals in London, there are much more to find in their original habitat within the enclosure of London Zoo.

Penguins Of The London Zoo

You will be, amazed to know that, there are plenty of penguins in London Zoo and they are displayed in the stunning exhibit of Penguin Beach. It too has the biggest penguin pool of England. Penguin Beach is the recreation of beach landscape of South America right in the heart of London. It is inhabited by a colony of Humboldt penguins with one special rockhopper.

To observe the penguins in their original habitat, the exhibit also features a large pool with stunning underwater viewing zone so that the visitors can take a close look at these exotic birds underwater. There are also breeding facilities and a special nursery to take care of the little ones.

Land Of Lions In London Zoo

Lions are the exotic and endangered animals of the Asia, and now they are a part of the breathtaking exhibit in London Zoo. Visitors can now take a close look at these majestic beasts of India’s Sasan Gir. The big cat lovers can now embark on an interactive journey as they will lend a hand to forest rangers with a lion emergency. The Land of Lions will inform, excite and inspire wildlife lovers with an experience like any other.

London Zoo’s African Bird Safari

If you are a bird lover then, this African Bird Safari of London Zoo is the London Zoo will give you the exotic feel of the African forests and grasslands. On the other hand, you will also be able to watch some of the exotic birds from the savannah grassland. You will be able to see a number of different species including, Abdim stork, Von der Deckon hornbill, Fischer’s turaco and much more. These exotic birds have made London Zoo its home since 2004.

So, when you are in London and want to enjoy nature and its inevitable parts, there is no better way than to visit these places and enjoy nature’s bounty. There are also pelicans of the St James’s Park, and you can see them in grand gesture splashing waters and catching fish in the ponds and streams of the park. The best part is, you can also feed the pelicans during their feeding time.

Thus, London will never run out of exotic animals options, and when you are here, you must get some time off to enjoy and be awed by these stunning creations of nature.

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