Experience the mesmerising beauty of London at night

London is regarded as one of the most attractive cities of the world and there are plethora of reason for it. The city has got everything to woo the tourist and the infrastructure that the city provides is quite impressive. The tourists do not feel any hassles while roaming around the city as efficient connectivity is achieved through various public transport services like the famous London Underground. If the grace and the charm exhibited in the city in the day timeis unmatched, the night in London is equally ravishing. There are many spots in the city that you can visit at nightand have loads of fun. If you are a kind of individual who loves to explore the night, London is the place for you. Many people are of the view that unless you see a place at night, you can’t develop a bond with it. So, if London is in your wish list of travel destinations, make sure that you see the best attractions of the city at night and experience the visual delight which is unexplainable through words.

  • The beauty of monuments at night appears surreal in the presence of lights which is showered on them from all sides.
  • The best way to visit all these attractions at night is an open roofed bus, which can be booked through various agencies.
  • There are trips that are conducted at night and the tourist can book them online.
  • These trips include most of the places of London which are must-see at night.

Double decker buses or the open buses are the best choice for watching the splendid beauty of London at night. If you are staying at The Montcalm at The Brewery London City such trips can be organised easily. Usually, these trips include places like the Houses of Parliament, The London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey Tower Bridge, Tower of London and Big Ben.


Why watching London at night can be an experience of a life time?

When you pass by the London Tower at night, its shimmering beauty, accentuated by the light falling on it, fills you with pleasure. The sight is beyond comparison and will make you realise how magnificent London looks at night. The clock at Big Ben shines like a beacon reminding you that you are in London. Big Ben is regarded as one of the attractions of London for which London is known. Similar beauty can be seen at the Trafalgar Square, where the fountains dance and various colours of light filters through them making them look like ethereal. There are neon lights all around these attractions which enhances their beauty. Sites like Harrods, House of Parliament looks utterly amazing when you see them at night amidst the light all around. There are tour operators which offer such tours and let you explore the city at night. The traffic at night is also quite less in the city and thus you can swiftly move to one location to another. The tour comprises most of the places of the city which is worth the visit during the night. If will be an experience of a life time for the tourists to see the attractions of the city amidst colourful lights. The arrangement of the light is elaborate and you will not feel the lack of it anywhere you go. The buses that are used for the trip are double decker buses which also have open roof. The tourists can view their favourite monument from without any obstruction. Viewing these structures from at night fills you with great delight. The trip will take you to some of the best destinations of London and will ensure that you have a great time. The people who conduct these tours are quite experienced and will make all the arrangements to make your tour as pleasant as it can get. Your journey will commence at 7 pm in the evening and the entire tour will take around 2 hours. You will also be guided by the guide present with you on the tour.

  • The sight of London Bridge and the River Thames is mesmerising at the night and something which can’t be missed.
  • Those tourists who love to see places at night will be filled with delight when they lay their eyes on the monuments and other attractions of London.
  • It is highly recommended that you take some of the memorable pictures of these attractions as every single frame is perfect for the postcard click.
  • Visiting these places during the events will add some extra flavour and festivity to the entire trip.

Another attraction of London, which looks visually stunning and beautiful is the London Eye. It is a Ferris wheel and is the highest point of London. At night, it is completely decorated with lights which change colour. The entire wheel looks picture perfect when the red light encircles the wheel. It appears like a large ring of fire. You can also see the shadow of the wheel in the Thames River on the bank of which stands this Ferris wheel. London Bridge is similarly decorated with lights through the night and watching it from a distance is visually appealing. Make sure that a tour of all the important attractions of London at night is in your itinerary because this is perhaps the last thing that you would want to skip. London’s beauty increases manifold during the night and this is the time, when you must take a trip to the city of dreams. Tourists from across the globe come to the city for experiencing the eternal charm and grace the city exudes and viewing the city at night adds another dimension to the perception you had about London. Hence, make it a point to add the night tour of London in your plan. If you are planning a trip to London, feel free to visit Themontcalm.com for hotel booking and knowing more about the accommodations and the attractions of the city.

As a tourist, you must not miss the chance of visiting London at night. The beauty of the city at night has to be seen to believe.

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