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One of the automatic associations most people have when they hear of London is the association of the city with royalty. The history of the British Crown has been so very interesting and it is to be noted that London was known to be the seat of the British Empire, on which the sun never set.

When a person happens to be in London, there are so many things he or she can do, if he or she feels up to it, in order to have a truly royal day out. One of these many things is to pay a visit to either the Tower of London or Buckingham Palace; which is a perfect thing to be done early in the day. The Tower of London has been used for a variety of purposes and as a matter of fact, it was a place where spies were kept over the course of the Second World War Many years ago, it even was used as a zoo! Buckingham Palace is a great place to visit and the Changing of the Guard is a special sight, to say the very least.

It is to be kept in mind by those who are paying a visit to Buckingham Palace that it is not every day, necessarily, when the changing of the guard takes place at a half past eleven in the morning. There is a part of the year during which it takes place on every other day, instead of every day. So, for a person who is planning to pay a visit, it is very important that he or she checks prior to his or her visit to Buckingham Palace.

Meeting places in West End London are many as long as a person is willing to take a look at luxury hotels in west end London which can be said to be well worth the price which is paid for the purpose of booking a room at the same. The location of these hotels is also great and allows for some great sightseeing across the city.

There are not many drinks which are paired up in common knowledge with a nation as much as tea and England. So, it would be apt to have some tea and if a person wishes to do so in royal fashion, there can be no better place than the Orangery. The location of the same is at Kensington Palace. Apart from tea, there is a good range of snacks as well as wine and champagne to wash those snacks down with.

In the afternoon, the place to go to is none other than the very beautiful Kensington Palace. While this palace may not appear on as many London oriented postcards as Buckingham Palace might, it is interesting to note that this palace is the London home of the elder son of Prince Charles, Prince William and his family. As one is very likely to know, the family consists of Prince William and his wife; who are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their two lovely children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

At Kensington Palace, there is also an exhibition which functions on a permanent basis which is called Victoria Revealed. The topic of the exhibition is the former Empress of India; who is the only British monarch who was able to spend enough time on the throne so as to be able to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee.

When evening takes over the sky in London, as it obviously has to, and when the appetite of a person has been growing for a while, it would be time for a bite of food. It is to be noted, however, that after such a great day which has been spent going around London and the various royal attractions it has to offer to the hundreds of thousands of people who visit it on a yearly basis, and just any place would not do for the purpose of addressing the hunger pangs of the tourist. A place which is well worth paying a visit to is the very historic Fortnum & Mason, which was set up way back in the year 1707. As a matter of fact, this very store is the grocer to the Queen.

While the place has five eateries, only a single one is open in the evening for dinner. The name of this eatery is the Fountain Restaurant. At this restaurant, a person who is dining would find seasonal starters, salads as well as meats from the grill and the dish which is oft recommended by those who are regular visitors to the Fountain Restaurant, which is none other than the Fortnum’s Welsh Rarebit, which can surely be said to be a truly appetising meal which would make a person wish to consume more even after he or she is full.

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