Explore the incredible West End in London

One of the best things about spending some time in London, is that you always have something new to do. Whether you are here for work, or just passing through, spending some time here in the city can be a source of endless amusement.

When in London, the West End can be a great place to set your base. You can find excellent hotels in West End and not only are they high in terms of comfort and luxury, but the location makes them ideal for exploring London as well! Due to the high number of premium hotels which are located in the area, it becomes exceedingly simple to find corporate accommodation in London West End. It also helps when you feel like exploring the city a bit and find that all the major attraction in the city are only a short distance away. Whether you want to go to Leicester Square or the National Portrait Gallery, whether you want to just take a stroll in Soho or go shopping in the Piccadilly Circus, West End based hotels are the perfect way for you to enjoy great connectivity with several tourist attractions while also getting the best of accommodations.

Discover the top attractions in London which you can easily explore if you stay new West End:

1. Leicester Square: Smack in the centre of West End, Leicester Square is often called the beating heart of British cinema. It is always alive with the throngs of thousands every day and a great place to visit if you want to see the true face of London. It is also home to some of the biggest cinema premiers for European and American movies, so there is always a chance you will run into your favourite celebrity.

2. Soho: Let’s be honest. If you are anywhere near West End, there is no way you are not visiting Soho. It is the heart of modern culture in London and has managed to retain its whimsical and often sleazy nature. For those who are tired of the gentrified London of today, a walk down the streets of Soho is a superb opportunity to take a look at some of the darker, less savoury, and more adventurous side of the city.

3. Piccadilly Circus: In all likelihood you have already heard about Piccadilly Circus. In the odd chance that you haven’t, here’s all that you need to know: It is not a real circus. Rather, it is a humongous road junction where some of the best shopping areas of London are located. Even if you have no intention of shopping, a casual stroll through the Circus will certainly keep you entertained for a long time.

4. Lights of Soho: If you have made your way to Soho and are wondering what you can do here, here’s a suggestion: Visit the Lights of Soho art gallery. Some of the best and upcoming artists have created art installations made using just light. If you are an art lover, you will surely get a kick out of it. Even if you are not an art fan, a visit here will give you some really incredible photographs which you can put on your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

5. Trafalgar Square: At a distance of just 5 minutes on foot, Trafalgar Square is one of the most renowned tourists attractions in London which you can easily visit from your hotel in West End. It is also home to a number of activities which you can take part in to make your time in London more memorable. Artists from all over the country and even abroad to set up their installations at the square which make sure that you have something new to see every time you visit Trafalgar Square. The National Gallery is also nearby and you can quickly visit it as well if you enjoy the art.

6. National Portrait Gallery: Over five centuries worth of portraits of some of the most powerful and well known names in the country are on display at the National Portrait Gallery. So the kings and the queens of the past sit in the same hall as J K Rowling and the members of The Beatles. Also present here is the lone surviving portrait of Shakespeare, which is sure to delight the literature buff in you.

7. Nelson’s Column: A short walk from West End as well as Trafalgar Square, the Nelson’s Column is an homage to one of the greatest heroes of Britain, Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. He did not survive the battle of Trafalgar, yet managed to make the war one of his finest achievements. The Nelson’s column has a statue of the fallen hero on top, which appears to gaze over the Thames river at the spot where Nelson’s body was carried following his death during the course of the battle.

8. 19 Greek Street: Green design is in, and 19 Greek Street is where one of the best design practices which promote a greener way of living is located. It serves as a gallery as well as it promotes beautiful designs which are also practical. A few hours here will refresh you and maybe even give you some ideas about how to set up your own office when you get back.

With so many places to visit and so much to do, West End is the place to be when you visit London. The excellent location, the world class facilities make it a popular hotel district. You can easily find outstanding options for your stay here, many of them are also quite affordable while offering outstanding accommodations. You can also check out the  The Piccadilly London West End Package which is especially aimed at business travellers who are in the city for work and need accommodations which are work friendly.

Still undecided? Check out all that you can get when you choose to stay in West End. Just visit http://thepiccadillylondonwestend.co.uk/ and find out exciting new offers and the complete range of services that you will benefit from when you pick a hotel in West End London.

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