Explore the little-known gems of London

London is famous for its popular tourist spots that attract visitors in droves. However, there is far much more to see and experience in London than the regular hotspots that most visitors end up visiting in the city. London has many lesser-known gems that are found off the beaten path if you take the time and effort to visit these across the city.
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Some of the less famous tourist spots to explore are:
The Royal Observatory: Located atop a hill in Greenwich Park is the Royal Observatory that was built on the orders of King Charles II in 1675. It is at the same spot as the Prime Meridian or GMT Line as per which world clocks set their time. While the scientific work is carried out elsewhere the Observatory now serves the purpose of a museum for visitors to explore.
Ham Polo Club: The Club is out of the oldest in the country and the last of its kind in England. It is home to 03 polo fields, an exercise field and a stick and ball field. It is one of the more prestigious social clubs located in the Richmond area of the city and patronised by the famous and wealthy. The most attractive aspect of the club is its location with Ham House overlooking the Thames River.
The Old Operating Theatre: Among the oldest medical professional related museums in the world, the Old Operating Theatre is an old-fashioned operating theatre that offers an insight into the primitive manner in which operations were carried out in the 1700s. It forms part of the London Museums of Health and Medicine.
The Fan Museum: One of the more unusual museums in the city is the Fan museum, which is home to a collection of more than 4,000 fans. It is located in a Grade II listed property built in the 1700s. The museum showcases fans from all over the world as well as offers an insight into the history of fans. There are some very unique pieces like the Japanese fans with murals and gardens designs and even a fan with a built-in ear trumpet.
Highgate Cemetery: Located in North London, Highgate Cemetery is among the Magnificent 7, a collection of beautiful burial yards in London. Visitors will find a variety of tombs in a wooded area that makes it extremely picturesque and serene an environment. Some of the famous names that are interred here include Douglas Adams the novelist and Karl Marx the founder of socialism.
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