Exploring Kid-Friendly Attractions Of London

Besides its various other attributes such as being home to many historic landmarks, tourist attractions, shopping options, tasty foodie delights, a vibrant cultural scene, exotic nightlife and business opportunities, London  is also a family-friendly city that has a lot to offer to kids. As such, visiting London with your kids can indeed be a delightful experience for the entire family. The various kid-friendly attractions and activities available in the city include:

British Museum:

This free-to-enter museum is one of the best in the world and it offers many kid-friendly activities and audio tours for their enjoyment. Kids are especially attracted towards some of its awe-inspiring exhibits such as the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles and the Egyptian mummies. On weekends and holidays, kids are treated to activity trails and activity backpacks from the Family Centre in the Great Court that comes just as you enter the museum.

British Museum

Tower of London:

This medieval castle is a favourite of both adults and children as it presents interactive and informative interior exhibits. Over the years, the castle has served different purposes such as being a prison, a place for executions, a Royal Mint, and as the home of the Crown Jewels. Kid-friendly exhibits can be seen at the White Tower and kids can marvel at the Crown Jewels. Free guided tours are also available for taking you round the various attractions of the castle. It is interesting to see Yeoman Wardens still patrolling the grounds and performing the ceremony of the keys.

Tower of London

Tower Bridge:

Children simply love to see how the bridge opens up to let ships pass through it. The bridge’s history is presented through the Tower Bridge Exhibition. You can reach the top walkway of the bridge by using an elevator and have a wonderful view of the River Thames below. You can also marvel at the steam-driven machinery that was used to raise the bridge for the first hundred years. It is an iconic landmark of London and it was spared bombing raids during World War II because it was needed as a landmark.

If you are visiting London with your family and would like to stay close to most of these attractions, your best bet would be to stay at Hotel Grand Royale London Hyde Park as you would be located at a walking distance from Hyde Park and from most other attractions of central London, while being able to enjoy luxurious and spacious accommodation with best facilities.


Set in 150 acres of beautifully landscaped parkland, this theme park is an ideal place to nurture and hone the creativity talents of children aged 2 to 13. Its main features are playscapes, building workshops, interactive rides and shows and the wonderful Legoland model towns from around the world. On a visit to Legoland you can also visit Windsor Castle or Hampton Court.

London Transport Museum:

This is a very popular place for children as they love to see its collection of trains, buses, trams, and subway cars. Most of its exhibits are kid-friendly and the museum provides many hands-on and fun activities as it is full of video screens, posters, maps, illuminated boards, subway signs, and models. An under-fives play area and a museum shop are also available at the museum.

London Transport Museum

While visiting the various attractions with your family, you can find many Best London Restaurants that offer delicious meals for adults as well as kid-friendly food for your children.

Harry Potter Sights:

Harry Potter has captured the minds of both adults and kids through books and movies as he is one of the most popular contemporary idols loved by all. Kids simply love to visit the settings of his movies. King’s Cross Station is one such place as it has featured in many of his films. The actual platform where the scenes were shot can be visited by the kids who can also get a photo shoot of the trolley that had disappeared into a wall. Kids can also visit the Warner Bros Studios where Harry Potter films were shot and see the various sets, costumes and props that had been used.

Madame Tussauds:

This wax museum is very popular with kids as they can come close to their real life heroes in any field and get themselves clicked with them, albeit their wax figures that are displayed in diverse settings such as The Garden Party and the Grand Hall. Some macabre scenes of crime and punishment from the city’s dark past have also been depicted by recreating the Chamber of Horrors.

London Zoo:

Children have a special relationship with animals as they love to be in their company. At this zoo they can see their favourite ones being fed by the zookeepers and they can take advantage of the informative shows that are presented, regarding some members of the animal world.

Brass Rubbing Centre:

Knights in armour and their escapades have always fascinated kids as they are highly impressed by their chivalrous deeds that are still visible in the medieval copy brasses in the crypt of St Martin-in-the-Fields Church. This place provides information and demonstrates how brass rubbing is done using metallic waxes and specialist papers. Kids can even make their own knight in less than half an hour and take it home with them.

Royal Air Force Museum:

Most kids are highly fascinated by flying machines and as such this museum is very popular with them as they can see hundreds of aircrafts from every age of flights. One of the most interesting areas is the Battle of Britain. Regardless of age, this museum attracts everyone but it is located in the London suburb of Colindale which can be reached by taking a 30-minute tube ride from central London.

Buckingham Palace and Changing of the Guard:

This show of pomp and tradition takes place outside Buckingham Palace, which is a grandly decorated Victorian palace where kid-friendly audio tours are available when it opens during the summer. Kids also enjoy visiting Windsor Castle that feeds their imagination.

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