Facets that distinguish luxury hotels

The hospitality industry all over the world has seen a definite boom after the recession in the industry in the past few years. This has led to more and more tourists travelling to different tourist destinations across the globe in recent times. When it comes to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Europe has its fair share of locations. Of these, London is one of the hottest destinations with millions visiting this beautiful cosmopolitan city every year. In fact of all the cities in Britain, London consistently is among the top places that attracts the largest number of tourists to its shores.

The city has plenty of historic places and modern attractions that add to its charm and mystique. With a history that dates back more than two thousand years, it is out of the oldest cities in contemporary times and also has a well maintained and documented history. With world class museums, libraries, art galleries and places of information it is great place for history buffs to visit.

London is also an economic and commercial hub of Europe, with major companies from all over the world having their headquarters and offices here. It is known for its cutting edge fashion, eclectic music and vibrant art and culture scene. With so many features it appeals to visitors of all age groups and makes for a perfect destination to holiday at or take a weekend break.

The hotels in London are out of the finest in the world and they offer diverse types of accommodation. From glitzy and glamorous boutique hotels that offer the finest in luxury and comfort, to budget hotels for those who want to spend less, all are available.  With all the major hotel chains being represented in the city, those visitors who are members of hotel rewards programs like the Premier Club Rewards can get great discounts at affiliated hotels in London. This means being able to stay at some of the classiest places in the city in 5 star luxury, without having to spend a fortune courtesy of having a Premier Club Rewards membership.

Staying at any of the luxury hotels in London guarantees the top 10 musts of great hotel service for guests, which makes it a most memorable experience. After all a luxury hotel is surely much more than a grand place to retire for the night, with the choice of hotel determining whether you would have a pleasurable holiday or business trip. Most quality hotels are generally centrally located with fabulous views of the city, while offering the finest in facilities, amenities, dining and customer service. Luxury and comfort are the essence of all great five star luxury hotels, which are embodied in all the features they offer. Some of the top features to consider when selecting a premium luxury hotel are ….

Quality of Service

When a guest checks in at a five star hotel, they are given nothing less than VIP treatment with courtesy and cordiality being key hallmarks. Right from having the door opened to welcome the guest, the check-in staff will greet the guest with warmth and utmost respect, while paying prompt attention to cater to every need and requirement of the guest. Most top class luxury hotels employ concierges to ensure that guests are provided whatever they want, whenever they want it. The concierge will take care of a host of needs from arranging for dinner reservations, booking transportation, providing information, making travel arrangements, getting tickets to performances, theatres or events etc.


When it comes to dining, guests are not limited to a single dining venue when staying at top luxury hotels. Luxury establishments have several options to choose from. Their fine dining establishments will offer guests the best of wine and award winning cuisine. The Chefs at these hotels are highly trained and experienced professionals who have the expertise to create bespoke gourmet meals. For wine connoisseurs the best of vintage and exclusive wine labels can be found stocked in their wine cellars,  while guests will be served only the best of chocolates, cheeses and other delicacies. Most five star hotels offer gourmet room services for guests who want to dine in privacy, besides having special menus for kids and also offering patio seating and pool side bars.


In terms of amenities, five star hotels are a class apart from all other establishments, where they offer a slew of options for guests who need not leave their rooms. Some of the common amenities on offer in a five star luxury room are hot tubs, flat screen HDTV’s, free satellite channels, high speed Internet access, Jacuzzis, coffee makers, heated bathroom tiles and lots more. Besides the many amenities in the room guests are given anytime admission to salons, exercise rooms, indoor pools, health clubs, saunas, fully furnished gyms, dry cleaning facilities and lots more.

Rooms & Facilities

One of the easiest ways to recognize a luxury hotel is by inspecting its rooms. They would be spotlessly clean, devoid of dust, have a pleasant fragrance, with plush fresh linen and upholstery. Both the room and the attached bathroom would be well designed and spacious. There would be scented sheets and expensive toiletries and it will offer a scenic view of the city skyline. It is because of these high standards that luxury hotels have become a preferred choice not just to stay in on a holiday or business trip, but also to host events and conferences. They make for great venues to host conferences and symposiums among a host of other events. The hotels have caterers and event planners to take care of all the arrangements for the scheduled event.


In terms of overall ambience and décor, luxury hotels offer unmatched standards. From landscaped gardens and waterfalls to the best of art and designs are incorporated into the building to give it a regal look, while ensuring that guests feel right at home with the professional services on offer.

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