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Planning to visit London city anytime soon? Then you must have created your own holiday itinerary. When it comes to planning up all the stuff which you wish to see and do during the tour in London city, some try to follow the traditional holiday itineraries set by the experienced tourists whereas some look ahead to create their own as per their desires and time schedules.

Big Ben

Timing is something which you absolutely need to understand before planning the trip. With a plethora of interesting sights and attractions to explore, London city is the most fantastic travel destination you absolutely cannot afford to miss. Every corner of this city happens to be boasting with some exciting new features, each one of them stands out from the rest. It gets difficult to make the list of places you truly wish to check in. You can choose BW plus park grand london heathrow for delightful stay.

No matter what you see and do in London, you absolutely cannot miss out on some significant attributes. Some are historic whereas some happen to be architecturally extravagant. If you are looking out for making the most of your historical tour in London city then it is important that you put your focus on nurturing with every detail that comes your way.

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Has the aura of Big Ben stunned you ever? Do you wish to know more about these exquisite travel attractions which happens to be occupying the central position of the city?

Have you considered Big Ben as a landmark clock all this while? Then you are most certainly wrong. It is not the iconic clock which adjoins the Houses of Parliament. It is the name of the largest of the five bells which tend to hang within this clock tower which is a popular landmark in the city.

The appropriate name of the tower is Elizabeth Tower this is because it was renamed in honour of Queen Elizabeth in June 2012 on the eve of the Diamond Jubilee year of Her Majesty. The tower is now referred to as the Big Ben and has a fascinating history. The year 2009 marked the 150th anniversary of the tower.

History unleashed

A devastating fire in the year 1834 destroyed the Old Place of Westminster. This led to the construction of one of the most prominent attractions of the city’s exquisiteness.

The design

A competition was declared to find out the appropriate designs for a new palace of Westminster. The new palace also happens to be known as the Houses of Parliament. Charles Berry was the successful architect who had included a landmark clock tower to a part of his design of the palace. The clock tower became the largest in the world at that time.

The designer, Charles Berry was the chief architect of the Perpendicular Gothic style palace. Even after being ranked in such a higher position, he considered taking the aid of Augustus Pugin for designing the clock tower.

The building was supposed to be a simple construction which would not have taken a long time but there were several troubles that delayed the construction for almost 28 years. Some of the troubles faced during the building of the clock tower have been mentioned below.

•The clock that was already completed did not fit into the tower that it was designed for.

•The clockmaker died as soon as the project started and his nephew hastily changed his name in order to continue the project.

•The bell cast two tons over its intended weight because an error in the mould happened.

•The great bell cracked irreparably even before it was hung.

•The over-heavy hammer cracked the bell for the second time.

•The bell was recast so that it fit perfectly in the wooden crate that was meant to raise the bell up inside the shaft.

•The hands were so heavy that the clock could not operate them properly. The replacements were even heavier.

These were some of the reasons that delayed the construction of the clock tower. The tower has three shafts. The shaft houses the weights that hang below the clock room. The second shaft was used as a chimney and the third one contains the staircase with almost 340 steps.

In the year 2012, a fitting tribute was made to the Queen Elizabeth II in her diamond jubilee year by renaming the clock tower as the ‘Elizabeth Tower’.

Some of the most interesting information about every aspect of the clock tower has been mentioned below.

•The clock tower is 316 feet high.

•It is the third tallest free standing clock tower in the whole wide world. Hence you can enjoy your time over here.

•The official name, as already been mentioned is Elizabeth Tower.

•There are no lifts in the tower. 290 steps will take you to the clock room and over all there are 340 steps to the belfry.

•The bell weighs 13 and half tons.

•The diameter of the bell has 9 feet and is almost 7 and a half feet high

•The quarter bell weighs almost 1 ton, 1.25 tons, 1.6 tons and 3.5 tons.

•The first Big Ben bell was cast by John Warner and Sons in the year 1856.

•The Clock tower was re-cast at Whitechapel Bell Foundry which is considered to be the oldest foundry in Britain in the year 1854.

•The quarter bells ring in the key of the character ‘F’ whereas the Big Ben has the note of ‘E’.

•It took more than 36 hours to hoist the Big Ben up the outside of the tower and hang it in perfect place.

•Big Ben is considered to be the largest four faced chiming clock in the whole wide world.

•Each one of the clock faces has a diameter of 23 feet and is made up of 312 panes of opal glasses.

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