Family get together in the Montcalm hotels

British culture looks at the family aspect with a lot of reverence and together they move out or plan an outing or indulge in activities. When there are occasions and festivities most of the London based families are already ready with their bookings, or parties that they have planned to celebrate the occasion in any of the 5 star hotels in London. This has been the trend followed by the British in London and this is what we can gather from the historical data as how they would value the collectivism which is evident by the programs and events kept by the hotel properties like the Montcalm London Marble Arch who have taken initiatives to surprise their guests and locals equally by their innovative ideas of reliving their traditions.

This season too, there have been many planned events, but the one that stands out the most is the Montcalm family togetherness package which is arranged by none other than the Montcalm hotels this is one of the sensorial experiences that have been brought and executed by this amazing staff. The package is about having a memorable stay at the hotel properties with the families, it is more like a family escape package and there are a lot many activities and many new and rich experiences.

There are a variety of packages planned according to the needs and desires of the travellers and the guests, there is a luxury overnight accommodation in your version where you  are given the freedom to choose your own suite. In case you are a large family and there are four of you then you have the privilege to choose the complimentary breakfast in the English style after your stay at the property. There is something for everybody and so even the children who have come along with you while you planned a get together even they can get a surprise gift in one of the packages the hotel property offers.

A very new package designed comprises of mineral water, freshly squeezed juices and even packaged juices along with some premix drinks will be served complimentary at your own time. The morning tea and the afternoon tea will have homemade cookies in various flavours will be at display for you to have. The families with children can breathe a sigh of relief as they do not have to worry about their kids and the hotel has a package especially for them, wherein the kids will be served with ice creams in the in rooms and they will have the choice to watch their favourite cartoons or movies. Those of  who travel for work have a package wherein they do not have to miss their morning regime and they can have the luxurious access to the fitness and the wellness centres available in the property.

In order to avail these fabulous packages, there is a need to hurry as there is a tremendous rush during these hours on this property and the stay at the property is subject to availability during the time of booking. The rates for the rooms are applicable on  the per room and per night way and along with that there is a 20% VAT tax applied above the per room rates. In case there is a change of plan, then you have the liberty to cancel the prior bookings 48 hours prior to the check in time.


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