Family holiday destinations guide

London is one of the most beautiful destinations for those who are planning to spend a vacation as the place offers you a variety of options wherein the families can also feel engaged. There are a variety of historical monuments, famous tourist spots and parks for the visitors to see and tour while one is in London, but one of the most privilege things about the city is that people can avail a variety of options to move around within the city.

The Tube
One of the fastest mode of transportation is none other than the tube which almost covers the whole of London, it drops you to the nearest location to all the sightseeing places so that  you do not have to walk for a long time. The convenience factor is so prominent that travellers who do not belong to this city  have adapted to this lifeline, my friends living in the Park Grand Hotel in Lancaster Gate London had shared their experience when they planned to get a pass and just move around the city in the tube, it had been quite a smooth experience and they had a lot to share.

The remotest of places where connectivity seems to be a little tricky you can reach by bus, the option of priority seating helps you select the best while you enjoy the way. Some of the budget accommodation London provides you with the sightseeing tours wherein you get to see all the chosen places at an affordable price.

The best and the most affordable means of exploring the city is on foot , while you try to visit some of the flea markets and parks in the city you will feel thrilled to walk along the pavement and enjoy the scenic beauty. Many of the stretches give you a chance to walk and that’s the best time to explore the hidden assets of the city.

The city has made attempts to make the visit to the city for families an easier affair as the tubes and buses offer the adults and the children in the family separate tickets and thus treating every individual separately. Those of whom having toddlers of age between zero to ten years are free to take rides on the bus and tubes, they actually travel for free with their parents or guardians.

There is a child travel card a good facility for those aged between eleven to fifteen years of age and they are given concessions while travelling by public transportation, these cards can be recharged daily as well as weekly. For those who are aged above sixteen years has to pay the adult rates while they board the tube or buses.

The public transportation though runs throughout the day, but the rush hour starts before half past nine in the morning and during the evening hours from five till seven in the evening the rush continues.

The stations have the facilities of escalators, both horizontal and vertical and for the differently abled crowd; they have wheelchairs by which they can move around inside the station. There is also the facility of pay as you go wherein you can recharge when you have to go else no need to outspend.

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