Fascinating places to visit in Malta

A holiday to the archipelago of Malta is always a thrilling experience with lots to see and do. It is one of the most beautiful island nations in the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its sunny weather all year round. It is home to some great attractions which include iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It offers a variety of pristine beautiful beaches and an energetic vibrant nightlife.

Step out of the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa and there are a host of places to visit. In fact the Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa is centrally located, which offers relatively easy access to all parts of the island nation. Some of the top attractions to visit on holiday in Malta are: 

Malta’s Grand Harbour:  Visitors to Malta must make it a point to visit the island’s Grand Harbour. The best way to explore it is to take a ride on any of the many water taxis, which can be hired at the complex on the Valetta waterfront.

The beautiful City of Mdina: One of the most serene and tranquil places to visit in Malta is the town of Mdina, which has many attractions including museums to visit. The best time to tour the place is the morning or afternoon and it makes for a most interesting visit.

The Popeye Village: It is named after the legendary cartoon character Popeye who is a spinach eating sailor, and his girlfriend Olive Oil. In fact the cartoon series was made into a Hollywood movie with Robin Williams playing the character of Popeye and Shelly Duval as Olive. The set for the movie was constructed at Anchor Bay and visitors can visit the site. Besides there are other places to visit like a fun park for kids, culture exhibits and a restaurant.

The Blue Lagoon: It is out of the most beautiful places in Malta and is located on the island of Comino. The Blue lagoon is a wonderful place to visit and swim in; while it may not be as popular as other attractions on the island it has its own unspoiled beauty. It has featured in many movies and television productions including the miniseries Helen of Troy among many others. The only thing to get to the blue lagoon you will need to travel by boat.

The Knights Spectacular: If you want to take a trip back in time when knights and chivalry were around, visit this captivating musical dinner show. It has a wonderful set of talented performers who enact bygone times when knights roamed the land. It is a fabulous two hour show that depicts the siege of 1565, with wonderful costumes, music and thrilling performances.

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