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A whirlwind tour of London aboard a bus or a boat just will not get you the real feel of the city and although you would have seen many attractions, you would still not feel connected to the true spirit of the city. Although walking tours provide the best means of connecting with the surroundings and the locals, there is a limit to which you can walk without getting absolutely exhausted. As such, the best option is to explore the vast metropolis that is home to over seven million people, by taking a bike tour that will allow you to explore London from a fun and unique perspective. You will get the perfect introduction to the city and be able to interact with the locals to understand their culture at ease, without getting unnecessarily tired. Moreover, you will be able to cover more areas than if you were taking a walking tour.

Fat Tire Bike Tours offer interesting bike tours of London that have been carefully planned out for your convenience. Basically, they have two bike tours on offer – Royal London Bike Tours and River Thames Bike Tours. The routes of these tours are carefully chosen so that they will be convenient for people of all ages, without unnecessarily tiring them. All tours have guides who provide all relevant information that is interesting and entertaining regarding the various areas and attractions that you may be passing by. You will be provided with helmets and rain ponchos and although it is not mandatory to make advance reservation for the Royal London Tour, the River Thames Tours requires pre-payment and online booking. Each of these tours offers two variations which are day and evening tours. You can choose which one you would like to take and enjoy an active, safe, leisurely, educational and entertaining tour of London.

Staying in a Hotel near Paddington Station is the best thing to do if you are visiting London, because you would be located in a strategic area which is close to most attractions and to Paddington station that offers convenient links to most places of the city.

The Royal London Bike Tours: Whether you are visiting London for the first time or whether you have been here before and are familiar with the city, you will find that this guided bike tour has something to offer that you may not be aware of. The tour guides are so knowledgeable that they will entertain with you anecdotes related to kings, queens, princes, princesses, palaces and everything connected with the Royal families. You will learn a lot about the Royal Parks and gardens and other fascinating parks in the city. The city has a lot to offer and the guide will be with you to fill you in regarding the debates in the parliament or the battles that England has fought and about the heroes and villains, both famous and the unsung ones. The guides will also relate the fascinating and even the absurd stories regarding all that has happened and is happening in London while you make your way on your bike through both clear and congested area en-route to the various sites. Somewhere in the middle of the tour, you will get a break that will allow you to relax or explore something on your own for about half an hour and then regroup at one of the famous places. You will also get to be able to get familiar with other members of your group by visiting a pub on the way and having a chat. You can also use this opportunity to get more tips regarding the city that will help you on the other days of your trip. The bike tour will take you to several important attractions including The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, The Royal Parks, Kensington Palace and Trafalgar Square. This tour runs daily at 11am from 1st April through to 31st October from Queensway Tube.

For a comfortable stay in London with best facilities at an affordable rate it is best to stay at Park Grand London Paddington Hotel that also offers a strategic location.

The tour is also run in the evening (Thurs-Sat) so participants can see the sun set over the city and the lights illuminate the famous facades of central London.

The River Thames Tour: It runs daily from 15th May to 15th September from 10:30am near Waterloo Station. You can explore ‘liquid history’ and breathtaking urban landscapes by going on your bike on both banks of River Thames. The tour involves smaller groups, a different route and a focus on the people’s history. The tour guides on this bike tour offer both legend and fact relating to the city that has seen a lot of upheavals, natural disasters and plenty of battles for survival. The stories also illustrate how it united against Great Plagues, Fire and War, all the while evolving and stepping into modern civilization and commerce. You will be able to wander through London’s oldest and largest food market for lunch (not included) before cycling across Tower Bridge and embarking on an incredible adventure.

River Thames Evening Bike Tour: By taking this tour, you will be cycling through the heart of the city and be able to enjoy several of the iconic London sites and get the feel of the magic of the riverside by twilight. You will also be able to watch the city’s lights glistening over London Bridge from the comfort of a cruiser bike. It is a relaxed tour but you may often get thirsty on the way and as such, you will find the best local pubs on the way (including a drink). The cycling might be relaxing but you may have to ride on the road for parts of the tour for which you should have the requisite cycling competency and confidence. The tour will take you past The London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge. St Paul’s Cathedral, the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London Bridge, Borough Market, The Monument and Leadenhall Market.

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