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London is out of the most charming tourist destinations in the world. Testament to this fact is the millions of tourists who flock to the city every year. It features in the top 10 tourist destinations of the UK every year, with record numbers of visitors travelling to the city.

What makes the city so special? There are numerous factors that contribute to the popularity of London. We could begin with its glorious history that dates back to over 2000 years. It is picturesquely located by the banks of the Thames, which makes it all the more attractive. Then there are the many tourist attractions and heritage sites that dot the city landscape. From famous museums to its four cornerstones: the royal palaces of London, there are lots to see and explore.  There are countless art galleries, venues of entertainment, shopping and an incredible number of events that take places all year around.

This combined with its unique blend of the ancient with the contemporary makes it all the more attractive a destination to holiday at. With so many tourists flocking to the city there is no dearth for accommodation.  London is home to some of the finest luxury hotels in the world ranging from iconic hotels to the most modern boutique hotels spread out all over the city. From luxury rooms in Shoreditch to ritzy hotels like M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City hotel, there is a plethora of luxury accommodation to stay at, in comfort.

Of course if you want to ensure that you get top quality accommodation in the central part of London, you need to make your reservations well in advance. This will ensure that you do not face any last minute hassles and are not disappointed with the place you will stay at. Another benefit of making hotel reservations in advance is hotels like the Montcalm London Marble Arch and the Montcalm at the Brewery London City, offer great discounts and package deals at different parts of the year, for guests who book online in advance.

There is nothing better than staying in sheer comfort in a luxury hotel at a cost that is most affordable. After all everyone at some point on holiday wants to stay in a luxury hotel amidst opulent surroundings, with every whim and fancy catered to. While luxury is difficult to define as it can be very subjective, with personal perspectives differing, there are certain features that are common and are expected, when you stay in a luxury hotel.

To begin with the finest luxury hotels offer an ambience that is plush and elegant and offers the finest in customer service and amenities. They ensure that every single guest received personalised attention that makes them feel completely indulged with the experience of wanting to return to the same hotel on their next trip. After all be it a business trip or on a holiday, we want to be completely satisfied with the services on offer at the hotel we choose to stay at.

When it comes to luxury hotels they spare no expense to create an ambience that is exclusive and bears their own distinctive signature. No two hotels will be alike in terms of decor and embellishments, which add to the elegance of the place. You can expect to find marble floors, ebony doors, windows draped with velvet and gilt banisters which are common to most luxury hotels. There is nothing left to chance with only the finest materials used. The same applies to the amenities and facilities, which are only the very best so that guests are left with a very positive experience during their stay.

The rooms are spacious well designed and you will find only the most attractive and expensive linen and silk used. The complimentary towels, bathrobes and toiletries among other things on offer are the finest in quality and luxury and generally monogrammed with the signature hotel crest. You will find toiletries and cosmetics from major designer houses and brands like Chanel. There will be cable television with high speed internet access and free Wi-Fi. You will often find a mini bar that would be stacked with refreshments. There are additional facilities available for business travellers with provision for organising business luncheons and conferences.

Besides the ambience and facilities one of the most important aspects of a top class luxury hotel that makes it special is the standard of customer service. The staff is highly trained to maintain exceptional levels of customer service at all times. The hotel will be well staffed at all times with receptionists, bellboys, doormen, room service staff, etc. They will be well turned out in uniforms that complement the hotel decor and interiors. They are discreet and extremely courteous and ready to serve their guests at all times without being intrusive. There will be a personal valet service available (on request) and the concierge or reception desk will take care of all your needs.

Finding the top luxury hotels is never a problem. They are generally well known for their exceptional service like the Montcalm Properties in London. You will find them well advertised this being the age of the Internet. It is their extremely high levels of customer service, which make them the preferred choice to stay in by visitors to the city.

They will be centrally located ensuring that guests to the city do not have to travel long distances for business or entertainment. Getting to them from the airport is never a problem with most offering shuttle or taxi services for guests. You could select your hotel by using the services of a travel agency that specialises in luxury travel or do it yourself online.

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