Finding The Amazing Hidden Treasures Of London On Your Next Trip!

London can be considered as one of the most vibrant and exciting city, of this world. The scenic views, authentic cuisines and the world renowned shopping destinations make this city a perfect place for a weekend getaway or a long family vacation. What makes this city stand apart from the other holiday destinations is that there you will find both the city life as well as the quaint country life. All you have to do is search the internet and locate a few secluded places that are close to the city yet are far away from the bustling crowds of the locals and the foreigners. A few days and even hours spent in such peaceful and scenic places will have a long lasting impact on your mind and soul and will definitely energize you from within. So if you are tired of the pressures of work and family it is time to go on a trip to London and refresh your mind. Due to the presence of budget accommodation london, you can plan such trips even with a limited budget.

The Hidden Treasures

There are so many places in this city that no matter how many times you visit you will always find something entirely new to see and explore. The entire city is full of hidden treasures all you need to do is look at the right place and you will find something that will awe you. Not all of these places will cost you money so even if you are looking for a cheap tour you can visit the numerous hidden gems of London that are open to the public free of cost. But for that, you need to do some research and make sure that you are aware of the routes where you are planning on visiting during the trip.

Picking The Accommodation

Planning such things early is important solely because of the other aspects of the trip like accommodation. If you do not know the places you will be visiting then you will not be able to locate an area  from where all the places will be easily accessible. In case you didn’t get the time to plan anything you can book rooms at a place that is located centrally as this way you will be close to almost all the popular tourist areas of the city. Hotels like Park Grand Hotel in Lancaster Gate London are perfect for all those people who are looking for strategically located accommodation solutions.

Shopping Quirky Things

One of the hidden treasures of London is Camden Town which is more popular as the hometown of the infamous singer/songwriter Amy Wine house, is a great place to visit  if you have already seen the popular tourist spots like palaces, parks and museums. Even though it is more famous for the renowned British singer there is much more to this place than just this. This can also be considered as the place where all the goths and the hippies unite to have fun and enjoy the charm of the place. Everywhere you look you will find numerous tattoo parlours so if you are feeling a little adventurous you can get something inked which will remind you of this tour for the rest of your life. Not just this the high-street is also full of stores that sell platform boots, studded collars, and eve handmade jewellery as well as trinkets.so no matter how unique your shopping requirements are you will always find the right thing in here.

Music And Food

Anything that is gothic and quirky is available at these stores on the high street. Shopping is not the only attraction of this place as you will find plenty of drinks and live music at the Locke where you will see the top acoustic buskers of the entire city. Live music is available throughout the week in almost all the pubs of Camden so you can enjoy your drink and soak in the energy of the eccentric crowd and the amazing bands that are performing all night. If you are drunk enough to sing aloud then head towards the Stables Market where you will get to sing a  few lines at the karaoke rooms.

Buying Organic  Items

Another quirky little place is the Neals Yard which is right behind the Covent Garden. While Camden is famous for its loud lifestyle Neals Yard is more popular for the numerous organic things that you will find here. So if you are on detox then this is where you need to be! Head straight to the Neal’s Yard Remedy shop where you will find plenty of organic products that are great for the skin as well as body care purposes. The use of entirely natural ingredients makes this shop so famous among both the locals as well as the travellers. There is also a juice and salad bar where you can stop before leaving the place. Not just the organic products but the beautiful view offered by this place is the reason why even the locals cannot get enough of it! While you walk down the street you will notice numerous multi-coloured buildings that have been decorated with pretty hanging baskets as well as colourful shutters.

Skating With The Kids

Skating With The Kids

If you had enough of the conventional parks of London then you need to pay a visit to this secluded yet beautiful park of Battersea. Located by the river this place will mesmerize you and keep you hooked for a while. What makes this place more tourist-friendly is the fact that there are plenty of activities available for the kids so those who are travelling with kids can be assured that visiting Battersea Park will be a fun family outing. You can rent the Banana bikes for the kid or take them skating. But before you head to your hotel, make sure to see the deer park, mini-zoo and the recently renovated garden. You will not only spend some nice time with the  whole family but will also see an entirely new side of the much-visited city of London.

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