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Due to the monetary support which they receive from the government of the United Kingdom, a great many of the museums in London allow people who wish to learn more about the various subjects they are dedicated to, to enter at no cost at all.

The British Museum can be said to be an absolute must see museum. It is really very impressive from the outside and can surely be said to be more so from the inside. The Rosetta Stone, which has been so crucial a resource in the process of decoding the languages of the ancient world, is housed in the British Museum. Furthermore, even the Elgin Marbles are in the possession of the museum. The museum, which is based in Bloomsbury and was initially established in 1753. One can truly imagine what a surplus of some years, in addition to two and a half hundred years of running has imparted to the public in terms of invaluable knowledge.

If the case may be that amid all the history which is being inculcated to the visitor to the British Museum, and he or she wishes to open his or her mind and learn more about a rather different perspective to see the world. Then, the visitor would do well to consider another free museum, this time the National Gallery. This is an art museum which is more than well above the usual standard. Paintings which were created sheer centuries ago by among the best artistic talents are put up. These people are so immensely popular in the field of art that even an art agnostic would know of them, just like a common man is pretty well aware of names such as Vincent Van Gogh and Cezanne.

If a person is of the opinion that he or she is not the art kind at all and is looking for an alternative, then the option which presents itself rather aptly is paying a visit to the British Library to read up a little. To say that the British Library is immense would be a definite understatement as this is a library which houses more than a hundred and fifty million items. For quite some years now, a copy of whichever book has been published in the United Kingdom has gone to London to transfer into the possession of the British Library.

A great museum for children who are fascinated by the field; is the Science Museum, which levies no entry charge but on certain occasions temporary displays which feature items from other museums are charged. Medicine, contemporary science and technology are covered in detail out here.

In fact, if the case is that the visitor to London wishes to delve deeper into the world of art, and wishes to do so by following up on the initial exposure which was had at the National Gallery, then the Victoria and Albert museum is just thedestination. This museum acts as home to some of the most incredible pieces of art under one roof. The medium of art is used to measure the progress of design from the sixteenth century, under King Henry VII to Queen Victoria. The museum is home to artefacts which have been sourced from locations across the world. And though it may be surprising to some, some of these artefacts are literally as old as some civilisations; there are artefacts which are three thousand years old. The diversity in terms of where the works of the Victoria and Albert are from is sure to leave any person who visits the museum quite awestruck to say the least!

If it is one’s intention to go hunting around seeking to find some great Free museums in London, then it would surely be well worth one’s while to evaluate the grand royale hyde park as a potential place to stay for the time he or she is in London. The hotel provides great quality to the guests who stay there and almost all these guests are in agreement with the fact that the hotel is very suitably located to enable the guest to spend the maximum amount of time at the museums he or she wishes to see and spend time at; instead of having to travel between the so called Museum District of the city and the hotel which has been chosen to stay at while in the city.

Many people may choose to have Buckingham Palace as the focal point of their trip to London but for a person who is a full out buff for free museums; it can be said that the focal point of the trip is a lot more likely to be Museum Road!

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