Freebies in Culinary Delights for Kids in London


Summary: While in London, even children can enjoy free culinary pleasures to their heart’s delight.

London is a land of travel pleasures, excitement and wonderful tour memories. Enjoy the pleasures of a wonderful place filled with amazing memories of a fascinating land. The restaurant delights in London are family friendly and give the kid a chance to choose the menu. These lovely haunts are the places where the child is sure to become a food lover. A perfect place for the gourmand, London offers the best food pleasures in this part of the world.

The Delights of Bodean’s BBQ
Bodean’s BBQ is a place where one gets the best fare of barbecue and where one gets the best kinds of feasts on a travel holiday. There are some branches in London which give a kid’s menu which comes for free on all weekdays at a certain time. Here it is from noon to 3 in the afternoon. It is also free on weekends at the same time.  At other times the meals for kids are charged less. Tourists find this quite reasonable. One gets a card where there are more offers inclusive of the kids fare too. These deals and fares are what attract the tourists to these eateries.

The Pleasures of the Real Greek
The Real Greek is another interesting culinary haunt with around six branches spread across the city of London. Right from Mediterranean cuisine to the regular, the place serves up all that is a part of a good holiday. There are Family Sundays where the kid could get the meal free. For the kids below 12 years of age, one has to get a voucher. There are facilities to show it on the Smartphone too.  In places like Westfield Stratford City and Westfield there are arrangements to give the kids free food all days of the week.

The Delightful Sophie’s Steakhouse
Come to the beautiful city of London and enjoy the best culinary delights in the Covent Garden area. Here the Sophie’s Steakhouse branch doles out a great combination of a great Sunday Roast. One gets quality beef, trimmings, Yorkshire pudding and a delicious dessert which is a great feast for the entire family.

Culinary Fare at Hix SoHo
Visit Hix SoHo the brainchild of Mark HIx, the superb chef. His SoHo restaurant is surely a great place to be in for the kids. If one wishes to give the children great experiences of fine dining, then this is theplace to be in. The menu here is very child friendly and does not give junk food like nuggets, chips etc. Here the kids below ten get free offers on weekdays from 4 to 6 in the evening. In the weekends the time from noon to six in the evening doles out freebies for the kids. Children here are also inspired to participate in the artwork lucky draw where a lucky winner is announced every month.

The Delicious Fares at the Tate Modern Café
Visit the Tate Modern café and experience the pleasures of the riverside and also the family friendly surrounding. This is indeed a great place to be in and with the amount of space as well as the comfort of the highchairs; it is a perfect hangout for those who are looking for a break. There is a buggy park, and also provisions to bring crayons and sheets for children to enjoy. Kids get a free fare here when an adult with them buys a full menu.

Enjoy the Steak and Grill Delights
Steak and Grill is an amazing place to be in and gives ideal fares for kids on weekends between 3.00 to 6.00 in the evening. Adults with two children would get more discounts. All children below 12 years of age would have a main meal, and a bottomless soda drink etc. as part of the meal here.

Spur Steak and Grill
Enjoy the delicious fare at Spur which comes with two branches in London. Kids come here and eat for free on Fridays in the evenings from three to six. This is usually for two children for every adult. Kids can bring their friend along. Kids get a main meal, bottomless soda drink and a dessert.  Enjoy the best here and take back a valuable memory for children.

The Scrumptious Fare at Belgo
Belgo is the ideal place for those who wish to have mussels, Belgian beer and frites. It is a good family friendly joint and is a comfortable place to be in during the daytime. Kids eat here for free and all Belgo restaurants offer a free fare till six in the evening every day all days of the week. Two children are allowed to eat for free for every adult eating here from the a la carte menu. The menu for the kids has a lot of items which are all children’s favorites. These free London attractions for kids include pasta dishes, sausage and mash.

Visits to the Strand Dining Room
Come to the delicious fare at The Strand Dining Room where weekends are the ideal time to take the entire family. Situated at Trafalgar Square it is a great place for all kids who would surely love the free fare. Enjoy weekends here with London’s best free parks.

Amazing Visits to the Morrison’s Café
The Morrison’s Café is a great place to be in where the children under sixteen are sure to enjoy the free menu which is available on weekdays after four in the evening. An adult is allowed to have from the teatime menu and he could also bring a kid along for the free fare.

The Delightful Crowne Plaza London Kensington
Kids love to come to this magnificent joint where one gets the best fare. Children come here and eat for free. It is particularly offered for all children below 17 years of age. Meals are readily available for those who share a family room. The Lounge Bar doles out the delicious fare.

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