From England & Wales to New South Wales

An hour from exciting Sydney but at half the price, this Best Western Bridge View Motel it perfectly located in New South Wales, it is on the coast and has wonderful connections for you to  be able to get into the centre of Sydney should you need to. Best Western hotels are word famous for their impeccable service and rooms that they provide, they have an outstanding reputation and do not falter on the services they offer to you. No matter where you go in the world there is always going to be a Best Western waiting to welcome you.


When it comes to booking a motel for the first time you are going to be a little apprehensive and wary, often we seek out reviews ad look for recommendations, this particular hotel according to trip advisor is  perfect and has everything you could need. it is reported from the guests to be clean, comfortable and none of the guests have had a bad word to say about the establishment. My research has also come up with very little to complain about when it comes to this motel, for the price bracket it falls in to it is definitely one of the best in the area. There are many different rooms available for you to choose from, some are perfect for couples independent travellers and also family rooms are spacious.


The hotels features include a pool for guests to be able to relax in and around, and if you appreciate a view then you will be in luck with some breath taking sights to wake up to, the ocean out side of your window will give any morning a perfect start to the day. If you are looking to have some relaxation time whilst on the coast then this is going to be a perfect Motel, with a beautiful beach inviting you to enjoy and relax, with waters so clear that you can see the life below and the all year round heat is an added bonus.


If you are hoping to let your hair down without the price tag of staying in the city then this is a perfect location as there are major shopping centres, restaurants and clubs are all located close. It is a perfect location if you are on holiday, in town on business, with family, on a romantic get away, on vacation alone or with friends. If you do want to spend some time in Sydney then the interstate is located close by so travelling the hour trip will be convenient and pleasurable. Just because you are not staying in Sydney it does not mean you can’t experience all that it has it offer. Staying on the out skirts of the city will save you money but with a little effort you are able to have everything,



N.B. Several sources have been used to put together this page, please refer to the list provided for direct links to read the full reviews from previous guests, follow the links for locations, maps and reviews.


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