Gatwick vs. Heathrow

Travel planning is not that easy until you have everything sorted with you. Visitors planning to come to London must make their travel plans carefully in order to avoid any unnecessary hassles. Usually, at the time of ticket booking people are a bit confused that whether they should fly to Gatwick or to Heathrow airport. This is a confusion which I guess all travellers face.

London has got five major airports including Stansted, Luton, London City, Gatwick and Heathrow. Other than these prime ones there are several other smaller airports too. If we consider these five airports together they make it world’s busiest airport system in terms of passenger numbers. Out of these all Heathrow and Gatwick are known to be the busiest and the largest of all. They have a record of thousands of passengers travelling to and fro each day. Most of the international carriers and flights operate out of these two terminals. However, the confusion still surrounds that which airport to choose from out of these two.

For those who have a choice of these two airports, there are lot of factors to consider before taking a final decision. Factors must depend upon your travel requirements and your purpose for travelling to the capital city. A brief understanding of both the airports is important:

Heathrow Airport:
This is the largest of all London airports ideally located in the London Borough of Hillingdon. It comprises of two parallel runways and has five terminals. It is even well connected to the Great Britain’s motorway network via M25 and M4 motorways. 2012 was the year when it was recorded 70 million passengers which were being handled by the airport. This makes it the third busiest airports in the world.

The airport serves six continents and is a great base for all people travelling to London. Moreover, the area close to airport is well surround by hotels. These accommodations are located walking distance away from the Heathrow airport thus, offering all comforts to the travellers. One such brand new luxurious hotel lying within close proximity to the hotel is BW Plus Park Grand London Heathrow.

Gatwick is ideally located in the West Sussex, Gatwick and is the second busiest airport in London metropolitan after Heathrow. It is considered as the second busiest in the UK and 10th busiest in Europe. Gatwick is considered as the second base for British Airways. Various low cost airlines also travel from Gatwick including Flybe, Monarch and easyJet etc.
It comprises of two terminals including the North and South and is well connected to motorway via M23. Gatwick Express is railway station of the airport itself which serves well known Victoria station in Central London.

Heathrow Vs Gatwick:
Now comes the comparison between the two. A visitor must select the airport which is best suited for his travel and holiday needs. The comparison of the two is shown below:


  • The underground tube is said to be the lifeline of London and it’s the cheapest way to and from al airports. The airport is served by two Piccadilly Line tube stations.
  • Visitors have the option of choosing train services as well from Heathrow. The Heathrow Connect and Heathrow Express are two to choose from. Passengers travelling to and from the city can even select National Express buses.
  • Driving to the airport is another option. As far as parking goes there are varieties to select from. It includes business, valet, short stay and long stay. Separate pick and drop off zones are even created for the convenience of all.


  • It is organised in a much better way in comparison to Heathrow.
  • The two terminals within the airport can be conveniently accessed by passengers by the help of a monorail.
  • Victoria is linked with the South Terminal of the airport and tourists getting down here can expediently reach to Victoria in just 30 minutes.
  • There are several easy and low cost transport options to travel from Gatwick to other parts of the city. easyBus is one such option which is again a non-stop service. As far as its fare is concerned, it’s just £2. The buses run 24 hours in a day from North and South Terminals. So, those who need to get down at Earls Court/West Brompton in Central London can opt for this option from Gatwick airport.
  • Driving is an option even here with several parking facilities and options to select from as per your own convenience. Whether you need short term or long term arrangements both can sorted out here.

Frequent travellers to the city must have made their minds by now as which airport to choose from. However, those who are travelling to London for the first time can do a little more research and shall then decide. One of the major advantages of getting down at the Heathrow is you can buy a travel card from here. This travel card will act as your London pass and covers you for the entire London trip. However, other tourists prefer Gatwick for its smaller size. As it is organized in a much better way as compared to Heathrow people often find it easy to navigate around this one. Before making any decision one must known a fact that these two airports itself are located at a distance of 40 miles. Thus, if you are trying to make a connection between the two then you must at least take a minimum 2 hours time gap.

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