Get Along well at Nigerian Neighbourhoods in London City

London is a home to numerous expats from all around the globe. Not only expats, but the city expects plenty of tourists every year coming from different parts of the world. People come here from Russia, Nigeria and from many other different parts which makes London a hotspot tourist destination. It is because of this popularity of the capital city among Nigerians, London feature lots of Nigerian neighbourhoods where these people can have fun.

The city has been continuously defined by the kind of people coming in and thus, it is considered as a recreational playground for many. London has several ethnic neighbourhoods including British, Latinos, Chinese, Nigerians and many more which reflects the true identity of the city of being multi cultural and rich in diversity. Since London is such a diverse city it houses several luxury hotels for families those who want to stay with all the comforts and convenience.

The Nigerian neighbourhood in London is largely occupied by Nigerians. These neighbourhoods feature some amazing areas which are a must visit for every traveller. Mentioned below are the top neighbourhoods:

Abbey Wood
If you want to get the feeling of back home in Nigeria, then Abbey Wood is the place to be. The place will actually make a Nigerian feel as if he has come back to his own land. It is ideally located in the South East London and to the south of Thamesmead. The locals here speak the language Nigerians speak and understand. The area is quite well known for its native stores and restaurants.

Nigerians who have come to flock around the city can be majorly seen at this quite favourite neighbourhood. The Deptford is beautiful place filled with alluring buildings and streets. It lies in South-East London and towards the South bank of the River Thames. The stores here keep lots of goods and stuff from back home and are popularly known for these small businesses.  Are you in search of some authentic Nigerian food and beer? Deptford is the right place you have landed to in that case. The authenticity here from Nigeria is well preserved and is well presented too.

Old Kent Road
It is again located in the South East of London and is a place where lots and lots of native places of worship can be found. Apart from several Nigerian stores the Old Kent Road the place feature lots of bars and restaurants which make it a great neighbourhood to hang out.

Woolwich is a home to some of the Nigerian residents staying in London. It is a town in the Royal Borough of Greenwich towards south east London. Nigerians looking for some ethnic businesses, churches, shops and restaurants, Woolwich is the one stop destination for all this. Because everything here is so authentic is again makes you feel as if you have arrived back home. It is a place where actually it will be at times really hard to make yourself realize that you are actually in the capital city of London. Lots of restaurants here sell homemade delicacies too.

Thamesmead is home to large population of Nigerians in London. The neighbourhood is very well integrated with them and shall make yourself feel as if you are in Nigeria. This vast housing estate is a large area of Greater London with some peripheral industry. Though, it is not a very popular place in the city from living point of view, but features plenty of shops and stores owned by Nigerians. It is this place where you can get home cooked delicacies. The stores here specialise in selling all kinds of Nigerian products and foods and several other things.

Are you a Nigerian expat looking for housing options in London? If yes then Lewisham is the right place for you. It is a locality that is ideal for families thus; it is a popular choice among Nigerians for all those who prefer to stay in London. It has been termed as one of the most styled areas in the city. The credit for this goes to all the hardworking Nigerians who have changed the shape of this neighbourhood with time. The neighbourhood is also a business hub for Wotas and Cargo etc.

You have all the right to crave for Nigerian delicacies while you are here. Lewisham is well known for such delicacies from Nigeria and you get all here easily.

Since many years now this place has been a home to Nigerian expats in London. Lot many business are booming here and thus, people get a chance to stay and earn right here in Brixton itself. From vegetables to every other thing you can buy here. Moreover, it is well surrounded with plenty of cafes.

For any tourist in search of a good hotel accommodation nothing can be better that The Montcalm London City At The Brewery Hotel. However, if you are a Nigerian expat looking for some neighbourhoods to stay among tour own community then these are some places for you to go and check out.

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