Get Goosebumps with the Jack the Ripper Tour in London

As well as being the composer of the ‘Dear Boss’ letter, among others which played with the minds of the press and the public, Jack the Ripper was the serial murderer who kept London perpetually scared for quite some years and then wondering for decades lasting quite a lot longer than a century after that as to his identity. Though a recent scientific breakthrough revealed that the man behind the moniker of Jack the Ripper was, in actuality, not the Duke of Clarence and Avondale, one of the multitudinous suspects and quite a well reputed one, but rather Aaron Kosminski; a man of Polish origin.

Even though the identity of the hardened criminal who never paid for his crimes may finally be out in the open, it is still well worth one’s while to spend some time in London, going on a Jack the Ripper tour. There are quite a few tour companies which provide Jack the Ripper tours, the routes which these tours take the tour group members on are more or less the same, if not quite similar.

Donald Rumbelow devised the London Walk Jack the Ripper walk and a lot of the time, he is the tour guide for the evening. Rumbelow has an intricate knowledge of the city arising from his years of experience in the role of a sergeant relating to his work with the City of London Police force. All the tours which are conducted by his company, including the Jack the Ripper tour are flexible as they do not warrant prior booking. Instead, one can just turn up at the start point, which is usually in the vicinity of a Tube station. The Jack the Ripper tour is /held every evening at a half past seven, with the exception of Christmas, along with Christmas Eve. For those who cannot spare the required time on a weekday evening, the opportunity of catching the tour on a Saturday afternoon also suitably presents itself; to the convenience of the people interested in learning more about Jack the Ripper in an interesting and amusing manner; without doubt a method a lot more interesting than sitting down with a book.

In one of the toniest parts of London, hotels can be expensive but they represent quality as well. However, it is possible to procure some good deals on hotels in Kensington London.  One of the hotels which provides good quality and value in Kensington is the Best Western Premier Shaftesbury Kensington; a hotel on Hogarth Road. Kensington is not far from Westminster so it provides for a great location for the traveller to tour London without wasting the precious and limited time designated to be spent discovering London.

London Dungeon is among the best tourist places for people to pay a visit to during their stay in London.  This attractions seeks to depict the macabre and unpleasant history of London. It is situated on the South Bank; at the Riverside Building on Westminster Bridge Road. The London Dungeon is generally open between ten in the morning until five in the evening. In the years gone by, after its establishment back in 1974, the London Dungeon was based on Tooley Street. Along with Sweeney Todd, the ‘undesirable’ barber of London, Jack the Ripper also shares the infamous honour of being on the main crowd attractions of the London Dungeon. They are covered on the history of London which also covers significant events such as the Gunpowder Plot; which was the cause of the downfall of Guy Fawkes and the story behind the Old Man.

London Dungeon says it provides an edge of the seat story telling experience and since Jack’s a star, if one is willing to give them a try, he or she is likely to enjoy their time spent here. In fact, most shows are booked out weeks prior to their taking place.

The tour begins from the Tower Hill tube station and the route of the tour depends on the length of time one can budget on getting to know more about this scourge of London. A two hour tour is obviously less detailed than one which lasts the duration of three hours.

If one decides that the Queens Gardens are worth paying a visit to; there are tourist guides for Queens Gardens although taking into account the fact that the gardens are not too historic, and they do not warrant a guide if one is knowledgeable enough about the plant species hosted in the gardens. The station which is in closest proximity to the Queens Gardens is Bayswater, in the City of Westminster, and paying a visit is made easier by using the tube as it is more convenient.

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