Get On Stage in London’s Summer

London is a wonderful place to spend your summer vacations. It has a lot of places for the tourists to stay glued to the city. This English city is a hub of activities. It has some of the best museums in the world. It promotes art and culture. There are art galleries that can leave anyone mesmerized. The theatres and live plays runs some of the best shows.  The Hyde park is a great source of entertainment. The visit to River Thame in the evenings is highly recommended to all the tourists. Stay at the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington, and they will be able to guide you to these unique summer activities in the city. The following are the outdoor theatre adventures in London this summer:

Shakespeare’s globe:

 The midnight show at Shakespeare’s globe is a must for all. It gives you a natural feel as the ambiance is super cool. The prices are reasonable and can be afforded by anyone.

Four flying Frida Kahlos:

The Four Frida is a popular tourist spot in London. It hosts some of the best aerialists, dancers and other entertaining shows that will lure the audience. It can accommodate 3000 audience at a single go and is marvellous.


Picnic on the Regent’s Park Theatre lawn:

It is an open theatre and if you are longing for a different experience, try out for a picnic at the midnight. The order would be available at £45 standard or £80 for the champagne version.

Try out the Jetty:

If you love food and cargoes, the jetties are set for you. The stylish jetty can set your evenings. These old cargo containers will offer you some of the amazing cuisines. The alfresco food and boozing is worth a try on the jetty.

See an opera under starlight:

The opera house under starlight is a boon to the tourists. They not only enjoy the music but also the calm serene place under the stars. The twinkling stars are just mesmerizing to watch. The tickets are reasonably priced and one can book in advance to avoid last minute hassle.

Watch a comedy and a tragedy for free:

London is known for quality theatres. If you love play, London calls you. There are many theatres that runs live plays. The comedy and tragedy plays are shown free of cost at some of the theatres. The tragedy plays includes  ‘Hecuba The Trojan Women’ and the comedy play is Captain Showoff!.

 Try out these amazing activities and have a blast in the summer!

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